Jessica Tzikas

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South Florida, USA
Drexel University
Florida State University
Weddings, Parenthood, TikTok Trends
  • Jessica has interviewed numerous notable people, including actors like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Chloe Dolandis, Michelin-star chefs like Marc Vetri, and Jason Haselkorn, mayor of Juno Beach, Florida.
  • If you have ever visited Philadelphia, you have likely read her work in one of the hard cover travel books in your hotel room.
  • As she has moved through life, Jessica has written about it–she worked for a wedding magazine when she was engaged and a baby publication when pregnant. As she enters each new phase of life, she enjoys sharing her experience and expertise with others through her writing.


Jessica Tzikas is a professional writer with over a decade in the freelance and editorial space. Writing from personal experiences, Jessica has a knack for covering everything from the best facial serum to health problems pertaining specifically to women. She has worked in almost every aspect of the editorial world, from an editor to a copywriter to a writer, making her view on the written word unique and well-rounded.


Jessica graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Editing, Writing, and Media. Shortly after, she was accepted into the Publishing program at Drexel University, where she received her Master's in Publishing.
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