Britt Hawes

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Chipola College, Florida State University, University Of New Orleans
Natural/curly Hair Care, TikTok Nail Trends, Cozy Video Games
  • Britt is an avid fan of TikTok and YouTube makeup hacks and will try any of them at least once, no matter how crazy it sounds.
  • She has interviewed dozens of hair experts and likes to think she has an insider's view of the latest hair trends before they become mainstream.
  • Her first novel, Twisted: Volume 1, was published when she was 19 and won a Readers' Favorite Choice award for YA General Fiction in 2014.


Britt began her writing career right out of high school when she wrote her first novel, Twisted. Between juggling coursework, a library assistant job, and a book review blog, Britt started working with Uloop first as an intern then a writer, where she wrote articles to help other busy students stay motivated and entertained. It was during her time with Uloop that she discovered her passion for writing lifestyle pieces that connected directly to an audience. In 2018, she became a full-time writer and editorial assistant for Panama City Living Magazine, publishing many successful articles that include an on-the-ground story on Mexico Beach and Hurricane Michael, several luxury home tours, and sampling dishes from the best restaurants in the Panhandle. Since then, Britt has worked with a wide variety of publications such as Go! Magazine, Dot eSports, Best Gaming Settings, and Macbrane before joining The List as a news writer in 2022.


Britt has a bachelor's degree in English from Florida State University and a master's degree in English from the University of New Orleans. Her studies have further deepened her love of the written word and assisted her in becoming a better writer in general.

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