The Secret To Forever-Sharp Tweezers Is Likely Already In Your Beauty Collection

Isn't it crazy how two tiny strips of hair on our faces can tell the world so much about someone's personality? It's true; eyebrows may be small, but they pack a punch when it comes to showcasing our sense of style to the people around us. Take, for example, thicker brows. When you have thicker, fuller brows that take up an ample amount of space on your forehead, it signifies youth and a more relaxed, laid-back nature. For those who enjoy keeping their eyebrows plucked and arched, you are more likely viewed as someone keen on fashion trends with a serious disposition.


And if your eyebrows have stray hairs springing up everywhere and are in the process of becoming a unibrow, well, it's probably time to grab your favorite pair of tweezers and get to plucking. Sure, you can go the route of microblading or powder brows, but when your brows start to look more messy than stylish, you'll want sharp tweezers on hand. Since dull tweezers are quite literally a pain, making sure these tools stay sharp is crucial. The secret to keeping them razor-sharp? It's a nail file, and it works like a charm when tweezers grow dull.

How to use a nail file to sharpen tweezers

If you have a nail file in your beauty collection, you can say goodbye to monthly runs to the beauty supply store for replacement tweezers. All those replacements can add up. Instead of using money to buy more, save your cash for something else and use a nail file instead. A nail file will get your favorite tweezers back in action like never before, and the best part is that it's easy to do.


It might sound intimidating to try to sharpen something armed with only a nail file, but it's the simplicity of the tool that makes sharpening so safe and easy to do. Thanks to a Reddit post shared by people equally tired of having to buy new tweezers too often, we have verified proof that this hack works.

Grab the nail file just as you would to file your nails and clamp your tweezers over the file. Now, using quick, short movements, push the file into the tweezers and then back again, keeping your tweezers clamped tight. Keep repeating these movements until your tweezers are as sharp as ever.

Why you should keep your tweezers sharp

You might be wondering why it's so important to have your tweezers kept as sharp as possible. After all, they still have the ability to clamp down on and pull out individual hairs, right? If you've ever visited a salon where they used dull tweezers on your eyebrows, you probably felt the difference it makes.


Using dull tweezers on your fine eyebrow hairs is almost guaranteed to make tweezing a painful, messy experience. Tweezing is all about grabbing hairs one by one and yanking them out. Sharp tweezers makes this easy because they can catch on and hold tight to a hair without much work. When you go to pull out the hair, the experience should only be quick, pinching feeling, if even that. If you go in rapid succession, the whole experience will be fast and easy. At the end of it all, you should have a clean, shaped-up area.

Dull tweezers can't hold on to the hair as easily as sharp tweezers, and they will often slip off. So you might be doing more yanking on your skin than actual hair removal. Ouch!