Quiz: Can You Get 16/19 On This Impossible Halloweentown Quiz?


Are you a loyal Halloweentown fan?

Take this fun and easy Halloweentown quiz to get in the Halloween spirit and test your knowledge of the movie!

 Sep 10, 2017

1 of 19Pick an answer!

What does nobody appreciate Marnie's interest in?
Weird stuff

2 of 19Pick an answer!

What does Grandma Aggie think is vastly overrated?
Being normal

3 of 19Pick an answer!

After following their grandmother to Halloweentown, Marnie, Sophie, and Dylan receive a ride from who?
A Jack-O-Lantern
Benny the skeleton
A ghost

4 of 19Pick an answer!

Marnie argues with her mom because she wants to ___.
Meet her father
Go out on Halloween
Skip school

5 of 19Pick an answer!

Who is Marnie's father?
Her grandmother in disguise
A Jack-O-Lantern
Mayor of Halloweentown

6 of 19Pick an answer!

Who is the youngest sibling in Marnie's family?

7 of 19Pick an answer!

What are the Cromwell's fighting against?
A mummy
A ghost
The bad thing

8 of 19Pick an answer!

Where does Marnie have to put the talisman in order to save Halloweentown?
In a Jack-O-Lantern
In the ocean
In her house

9 of 19Pick an answer!

Marnie's grandmother Aggie reads Marnie and her siblings a book called ___.
The Three Little Ghosts
The Nightmare Before Christmas

10 of 19Pick an answer!

How do Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie get to Halloweentown?
Following Grandma Aggie by foot
Following Grandma Aggie onto a magical bus
A cab ride with a mysterious skeleton

11 of 19Pick an answer!

What has the bad thing been doing to the citizens of Halloweentown?
Freezing them in time
Turning them into pumpkins
Hiding them in the town hall building

12 of 19Pick an answer!

Who wants to train Marnie as a witch?
Her mother
Grandma Aggie

13 of 19Pick an answer!

What does Marnie's mother insist her kids be for Halloween?

14 of 19Pick an answer!

What holiday is Marnie obsessed with?
Valentine's Day

15 of 19Pick an answer!

Who said this, "I wanna help you fight the bad thing!"

16 of 19Pick an answer!

What is the name of the bad thing?

17 of 19Pick an answer!

Finish the quote: "Double, double, toil, and ___."

18 of 19Pick an answer!

What does Dylan call himself?
The Big Cheese
The Man
Dill Pickle

19 of 19Pick an answer!

What is Kalabar's goal?
To take over Halloweentown
To take over the mortal world
To reveal his true identity to Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie
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