Where To Watch The Voice Season 14: Knockouts Week 1


Where To Watch The Voice Season 14: Knockouts Week 1

The Voice season 14 has been absolutely crushing it on NBC. Week after week we are stunned by the beautiful voices of the competitors. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton are a constant source of entertainment and wisdom for all of us. If you haven't been watching this season, you should definitely get on it! But, you can also hop in now, you will totally be able to follow and will get invested quickly. Here's where to watch The Voice season 14: knockouts week 1.

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Where To Watch The Voice Season 14: Knockouts Week 1 On TV

The Voice airs weekly on NBC and is definitely the kind of show you are going to want to watch live. There are always spoilers everywhere the next day! The first week of knockouts will air on April 2 at 8/7c and is definitely going to be a good one. The second round of knockouts will happen on April 3 at the same time, so be sure to watch on Monday, so you can watch one Tuesday! If you want to watch The Voice season 14 knockouts live, but don't have cable, you should try Hulu Live, Hulu's live streaming service.

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Where To Watch The Voice Season 14: Knockouts Week 1 Online

If you can't watch The Voice live on TV, don't worry! There are plenty of places to watch it online. The Voice is one of the most popular talent shows on TV, so everyone is trying to watch it online. You can watch The Voice season 14 knockouts week 1 at NBC's website after it airs on live TV. Luckily, with a subscription, you can also watch episodes of season 14 of The Voice on Hulu. Hulu has been releasing each week's episode as it airs on live TV, so you should be able to watch knockouts when it premieres tonight.

Unfortunately, The Voice is not available for download on iTunes or Amazon Video. These platforms usually offer episodes of shows for purchase for $1.99 each, but it seems The Voice season 14 has not been uploaded yet. So, we will have to watch it other ways, and that's ok! We will keep checking iTunes and Amazon to see if they post episodes of The Voice season 14.

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What To Watch For In The Voice Season 14: Knockouts Week 1

Knockouts on The Voice are one of the most exciting segments of the show every season. You are totally in for a treat! This season, not only will coaches be able to steal contestants during battle, but they will also be able to save them. In addition, there will be special guest mentors that are singers from past seasons of The Voice. These twists just make the show even more interesting! Don't miss it!