When Will The Resident Season 1 Be On Netflix?


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When Will The Resident Season 1 Be On Netflix US?

The Resident is Fox's newest medical drama! It is honestly so good, everyone has been talking about it. So, when will The Resident be released on Netflix? Featuring Matt Czurchy, who you might remember as Logan from Gilmore Girls, the show is about a few residents in a hospital with what seems like a million patients in need of serious help. The show has featured episodes about alcoholism, undocumented patients, and patient mix-ups, and it just keeps getting better every week! With almost everyone wanting to watch the show, we are all wondering when will The Resident season 1 be on Netflix?

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Will The Resident Season 1 Will Be On Netflix US?

We're dying to know if The Resident will be added to Netflix anytime soon. Netflix, the worlds most popular streaming service, needs to add The Resident to their available shows. With the way it is going now, maybe The Resident will be the new Grey's! But, will The Resident season 1 even be given the opportunity to be released on Netflix's queue? We aren't convinced. After Hulu and Fox made a deal that would add over 3,000 episodes of content from popular Fox shows like How I Met Your Mother and Bones, we're not sure that The Resident will ever be on Netflix. We'll update you as soon as we know. But, if it the show is added to Netflix in the future, when will that be?

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When Will The Resident Season 1 Be Released On Netflix?

Netflix usually adds full seasons of shows at a time, so we might have to wait a little while. The Resident is only 4 episodes in right now, so give it a little time! We bet The Resident season 1 will be on Netflix US soon after the season finishes airing on live TV. It usually takes about a month after the season finale for shows to be added on Netflix. In the meantime, here are some other ways to watch The Resident season 1.

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 - Fox's Website

The good news here is that you can watch The Resident season 1 on Fox's website right now! The best part is, it's absolutely free! So, while we are waiting for The Resident season 1 to come on Netflix US, this is a good way to keep up! Fox has provided every episode so far, and they will definitely keep coming. However, like other networks, The Resident will likely only have their 5 most recent episodes available to watch for free. So you better catch up now! Otherwise, you can watch the show online elsewhere or wait for Netflix to make it available soon.

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Watching The Resident Season 1 Online

Wondering where else you can watch The Resident season 1? Well, you can catch the new hit series on Hulu or Amazon.

If you have a Hulu Plus subscription, you can watch The Resident on Hulu. However, if you don't want a subscription service and still want to watch The Resident whenever you want as well as new episodes when they air, then you can buy The Resident season 1 on Amazon.

However, if you want to catch the series live, we've got you covered, too!

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 On Live TV

The Resident airs every Monday night at 9/8c on Fox. If you have been keeping up with the show already, you should definitely tune in to watch this week's episode, "Identity Crisis." With all the drama that has been happening already, this episode is definitely going to be a good one! So settle in, grab some friends, and watch Dr. Conrad Hawkins save some lives.