When Will Shameless Season 8 Be On Netflix US?

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We NEED more Shameless. Wondering when will Shameless season 8 be on Netflix? We've got all your Shameless answers here.

When Will Shameless Season 8 Be On Netflix US?

With the upload of almost every Shameless season on Netflix, when will Shameless season 8 be on Netflix US? The smash hit Shameless is known for being one of the best US remakes on Netflix. With 8 seasons and counting, we have all gotten attached to the zany Gallagher family, headed by Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and dragged down by alcoholic Frank (William H. Macy). But when will Netflix US add Shameless season 8 to their database? When will Shameless be on Netflix?


When Will Shameless Season 8 Be On Netflix US?

The addition of all previous 7 seasons of Shameless on Netflix, we can expect Shameless season 8 to be on Netflix US very soon. Netflix US was previously a few seasons behind but has been adding a few Shameless seasons at a time to catch up. If they follow this pattern, Shameless season 8 should be on Netflix US in the summer of 2018.


Need More Shameless?

The first 7 seasons of Shameless are already on Netflix, so if you subscribe to the streaming service, you can binge watch all the drama the Gallagher family has to offer. Other than that, the show streams on the Showtime website, where you can find season 8 now. Shameless also streams on Amazon for just a few dollars per episode and Hulu with a subscription.


Will There Be A Shameless Season 9?

YES! The show is signed on to air a 9th season on Showtime which should be coming out sometime after production starts in 2018. So don't worry! The story of the crazy Gallagher family will continue on for at least another season. In the words of one of the show's producers, “We are so grateful to Showtime for giving us the opportunity to continue making ‘Shameless’”. And so are we!!

Are you excited for more Shameless in your life? We are!!

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