When Will Heathers Season 1 Be On Netflix US?


When Will Heathers Season 1 Be On Netflix?

Paramount Network is remaking the 80s cult classic Heathers into a modernized TV show version. The premise has stayed largely the same, teen drama, horror, and social issues abound, but there have been some key changes. Many of the characters names are the same, but one of the Heathers is now male. Paramount is doing a good job of modernizing a beloved classic while keeping its spirit intact. If you are excited to watch, you aren't alone! But when will Heathers season 1 be on Netflix?

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When Does Heathers Season 1 Premiere And Where?

It is coming up sooner than you might have previously thought! Heathers season 1 is premiering on Paramount Network this Wednesday, March 7. If you haven't already seen the trailer, you should definitely check it out. It displays all the aspects of the old Heathers movie that influence the new TV series. We absolutely cannot wait for Heathers season 1 to come out this week!

Update: the premiere of the 2018 Heathers reboot has been moved in wake of the Parkland School shooting. So, when is the new premiere date? We don't know yet, but it'll be later this year.

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When Will Heathers Season 1 Be On Netflix?

Netflix has so many awesome shows available for subscribers to stream from their browser or in the Netflix app. Although we do not have confirmation yet, we are hopeful that we will see Heathers on Netflix. The platform typically adds full seasons at a time when adding new shows, so it won't be until after Heathers finishes airing on live TV. When that happens, we are willing to bet that Netflix will add season 1 of the show. After all, they are adding new shows all the time! Keep checking the site and so will we! Fingers crossed!