What Happens When You Report Someone On Instagram?


What Happens When You Report Someone On Instagram? (2018)

So, what happens when you report someone on Instagram? We have all seen some crazy stuff on Instagram in our social media lifetimes. Whether it is our friends accidentally posting something they meant to share on their finsta, or a creepy guy with no mutual friends following us, or even someone getting hacked. Instagram has systems in place so that their trusted users never feel uncomfortable with the app. You can block, unfollow, and even report users that are abusing Instagram. But what happens when you report someone on Instagram? Read on to find out!

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What Does Reporting Someone On Instagram Do?

So, say you come across a post or comment on your feed, or on your discover page, that is offensive, or crude, or even just makes you uncomfortable, what can you do? You can report the abusive behavior and it will be sent to the Instagram team (anonymously, don't worry) for review. If the user has broken the rules stated in Instagram's policies, they will be suspended from posting.

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How Do You Report Someone On Instagram?

If you find a user abusing Instagram's community guidelines, you should definitely report them because, chances are, you aren't the only one feeling this way. Plus, Instagram wants to maintain a good reputation as a source of entertainment and news, so they don't want anything to be unclean on your feeds. If you go to said user's profile and click the "..." next to their username, and tap report user. If you find a post that is offensive, you tap the "..." on the post and select report abuse.

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Do I Remain Anonymous When I Report Someone On Instagram?

Good news, protectors of internet safety! If you report someone on Instagram your name and username will be protected for the duration of the process. The person who you reported will never know who did it, so go ahead and protect us from cyber bullying and other forms of Instagram misuse. We sure do appreciate it!