What Does The Order Of Who Views Your Snapchat Story Mean?


What Does The Order Of Who Views Your Snapchat Story Mean?

Stories are the becoming a feature in practically every social media app we have come to know and love. While, Snapchat pioneered this idea, a picture that you can post for a period of time that anyone on your friends or followers lists can view, we have seen it appear on Facebook and Instagram, too. Arguably, the most fun part of this feature is that you are able to see who looked at your story and when. But what does the order of who views your Snapchat story mean?

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How Can I Check Who Views My Story?

Checking who views your Snapchat story is easy! If you post a story to your friends or to the public it shows up on the feed of stories. You can find your own story by going to where you would take a picture, tapping on the preview of the story in the top left of the screen, and a drop down screen will appear. Tap the preview of your story again, and then whichever pictures you added will drop down below with the number of views on the right hand side of the list. Then, by clicking the number on the right, you will see the list of those who viewed it.

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Who Can View My Snapchat Story?

Your Snapchat story is typically posted to everyone on your friends list, or at least that is the default. You can change your settings to block your story from other people, or make your story completely public. With the new Snapchat update, and the confusing way stories are available for viewing in comparison to the old chronological list of stories, you might be getting less views on your story anyway. But, if you want to change the settings for the publicity of your story, it is quick and easy! Just go to where you would check to see who viewed your story, click the 3 dots on the right hand side, and choose the option for privacy that you are looking for!

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What Does The Order Of Who Views Your Snapchat Story Mean?

Contrary to the update where stories are not posted in chronological order, the order of who views your story is still organized by time. When you check who viewed your story, and the drop down list appears, you will see the list of names or usernames that looked at it. The names are in chronological order. That is, the first person who viewed it appears at the very bottom of the list. The more you scroll up, the more recent the viewers are.