The Best Tinder Bio Tips For Guys


Tinder Bio Tips For Guys

From a girl's perspective, some Tinder bios are definitely better than others. By "better," what do we mean exactly? Hmm, how do I put this? Better means more likely to cause a girl to swipe right. Better means funnier, more attractive, more intriguing, more likely to catch a girl's eye. The art of the Tinder bio is calculated and precise. Here are some Tinder bio tips for guys to be more successful in their quest of finding matches.

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Tinder Bio Tips For Guys - Humor

One of the biggest things to draw a girl into your Tinder bio is to make her laugh. Girls absolutely love guys who can make them laugh. So, this doesn't necessarily mean crack a lame joke here, boys. If you can make fun of yourself a little, or maybe even make fun of Tinder in general, that could be enough! Don't necessarily make the "I like long walks on the beach" joke, but something like that! A funny one-liner is always a good choice, just make sure its actually funny!

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Tinder Bio Tips For Guys - The Picture

There are a few key elements girls are looking for in a Tinder bio picture. First of all, make sure it is an attractive picture where we can see what your face really looks like. Second, don't have another girl in your picture. We don't care if its your sister, it makes us feel weird either way. Third, if you have a picture with your dog, boom, automatic swipe right. Lastly, if you have more than one picture, switch it up! If one picture is a solo shot, maybe make the next one of you and a couple of your boys, maybe include one that makes you look fun. Follow these photo tips and I guarantee you'll see results.

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Tinder Bio Tips For Guys - Be Yourself

So as much as these bios matter to getting swipes, what really matters is if you can impress a girl when you match with her. If you follow these tips for your bio, and get a few matches, just be yourself from there on! If you really want to find someone to spend time with, don't fake her out, be yourself and see where it goes from there! Nobody wants to get duped into thinking they are talking to someone who isn't genuine, that is borderline catfishing.