12 Best Instagram Captions For Travel


The Best Instagram Captions For Travel

If you're like me and love to travel and see new places, you are probably capturing every moment with a picture. It doesn't have to be on a fancy camera or anything, just a quick pic with your phone will do the trick! Let's be real here, we aren't taking these just for the mems, we want to show the world all the cool stuff we have been up to recently. Plus, my family keeps up on where I am by looking at my social media, maybe yours does, too? Whether it is a scenic shot, a solo shot, or a picture with your travel buddy, here are the best Instagram captions for travel.

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The Best Instagram Captions For Travel - The Scenic Shot

This is the epitome of a travel Insta. You cannot go a minute without snapping a pic of the places you go and the things you see. Plus, if you want your followers to be able to live vicariously through you, they have GOT to see where the heck you are lately! Whether you are traveling to an exotic city abroad, taking a road trip, going on a hike, or just visiting a new city, post that scenic shot, girl! Here are the best Instagram captions for traveling scenic shots.

  • Who knew a road trip could look this good!
  • Big dreams, big city
  • Thanks [city name] for taking me in, I'll be back soon.
  • Oh the places you'l, go!
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The Best Instagram Captions For Travel - The Solo Shot

When you're a tourist in a new city, you get the perfect excuse to grab a selfie with something interesting in the background. For example, in California, every person is taking a selfie with the Hollywood sign. Heck, I'm a local and I do it! If you are some place new, you have to take advantage of this excuse to grab a solo pic without embarrassment. Here are the best Instagram captions for travel when you have a good solo shot.

  • Little me, big city.
  • Tourism has its perks!
  • Me, myself, and I! Oh, and [city nickname]!
  • Selfie-ing my way across the country!
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The Best Instagram Captions For Travel - A Pic With Your Travel Buddy AKA Your BFF

In my experience, traveling with a friend is so much fun! I have the most pictures with my BFF who I traveled across Europe with. We had absolutely #noshame asking strangers to take pictures of us because we knew we would want them for various social media posts, and of course, for the mems. Plus, we could send them to our families so they knew we were safe and sound (and protecting each other!) Here are the best Instagram captions for travel pics with your favorite travel buddy.

  • No place I'd rather be, no one I'd rather be with.
  • Pays off when your travel buddy is also your BFF!
  • Did someone say travel buddy? Oh, I did!
  • Thank goodness I have someone to take pictures with me!