12 Best Instagram Captions For Thursday


The Best Instagram Captions For Thursday

When the week finally feels like its coming to an end, everyone is getting a little antsy and excited for the weekend. Whether you take your weekend to relax, travel, party, or even work, we can all relate to the idea that Thursdays always feel really good. Maybe you get a little bored at work because the minutes are ticking by slowly as the week winds down, so it can be a good time to mess around on Instagram. Go ahead! Post that thirsty Thursday, throwback Thursday, or weekend anticipation pics. Here are the best Instagram captions for Thursday.

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The Best Instagram Captions For Thursday - Thirsty Thursday

In college we all used Thursday as the first night of the weekend, whether or not you had class on Fridays, and it really was the epitome of fun. Now that we are all a little past that (if we are out of college), it isn't easy to let go of that end of the week feeling even if you do have work on Friday. We can admit it, we love Thirsty Thursday and we know you do, too! Here are the best Instagram captions for Thirsty Thursday pictures.

  • Might be out of college, but I will always treat Thursdays as the weekend.
  • One drink, everyone knows the rules.
  • Asher Roth gets me, i love college.
  • Thursdays are for the girls
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The Best Instagram Captions For Thursday - Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is one of the oldest Instagram traditions to date. When you have an old picture that you have been wanting to post for a while, but really have no reason to, TBT is the perfect way to share it. I often use Thursdays to post embarrassing and funny baby pictures of me and my siblings, but I also love to throw in a fun picture from a few weeks ago that deserves to be shared no matter what it really is. Here are the best Instagram captions for Throwback Thursday.

  • Never too old for a good TBT
  • Throwing it back in honor of it being Thursday
  • It's Thursday, you know what that means! #throwback
  • Throwing it back to good times with great people
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The Best Instagram Captions For Thursday - Weekend Anticipation Post

Again, Thursday at work can get super antsy, thinking about the weekend and the plans you have been looking forward to since last Sunday is never easy. In fact, I'm tapping my foot under my desk right now just thinking about it! If you are looking forward to the weekend, odds are your followers are, too. So post that picture and share the excitement! Here are the best Instagram captions for Thursday's weekend anticipation post.

  • Can't wait to live it up again tomorrow!
  • Sitting in my desk has me wishing it was 5 pm tomorrow
  • Cheers to the freakin' weekend!
  • Anyone else feel like the week should be over already?