12 Best Instagram Captions For Fitness


Work it out! Here are the 12 best Instagram captions for fitness!


The Best Instagram Captions For Fitness

Fitness Instagrams have become huge recently. Trainers, athletes, yogis, people aspiring to better their fitness, and anyone in between all do it! #Fitspo posts are everywhere on my suggested page and even on my feed! Whether I follow these accounts or not, I am always happy to come across an inspirational fitness picture. In fact, I often think about doing one on my own account! Whether it is a video of a workout routine, a powerful quote about pushing your boundaries, or a sarcastic post about how hard it is to keep up with your fitness, these posts gets likes and shares in the thousands. If you are thinking about posting a fitness pic or starting a fitness profile, here are the best Instagram captions for fitness.


The Best Instagram Captions For Fitness - Sports Related

If you have been watching this year's Winter Olympics, you already know athletic performances are some of the most inspiring and motivating competitions to watch. Watching Lindsey Vonn complete a run makes us all want to try skiing to get out and shred like she does. Maybe basketball or football inspires you, maybe its couples ice dancing, whatever floats your boat! If you are thinking of posting a sports related fitness post, here are the best Instagram captions.

  • It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.
  • There's no "I" in "team"!
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Athletes do it better

The Best Instagram Captions For Fitness - #transformationtuesday

One of the most popular fitness posts that keep coming up on Instagram are a sort of transformation post. These show pictures of inspiring cases of people who have become invested in their fitness and have changed their bodies over time. This really shows that hard work does pay off, and proves to all of us that getting involved in our own fitness is always a good idea! If you or someone you know have a #transformationtuesday post, here are the best Instagram captions.

  • Living proof that hard work really does pay off
  • Working hard or hardly working
  • New year, new me
  • Believe in yourself, you might be surprised!

The Best Instagram Captions For Fitness - Yoga/Meditation

Sometimes fitness can combine physical and mental health. Whether that means that getting in shape has helped your mental health strengthen as your body does, or you have taken up a practice like yoga or meditation that focuses on both the same time, share your conquest with your friends and followers! You never know who needs the inspiration that you can give. Here are the best Instagram captions for fitness by yoga or meditation.

  • The light in me greets the light in you #namaste
  • Ohm, shanti shanti.
  • Light and love goes out to everyone who believes in their practice
  • 1 year ago I set an intention for myself, here's living proof that it worked.