17 Shows Like Gossip Girl

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Addicted to the drama of Gossip Girl? Here are 17 shows you will like!


17 Shows Like Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is, as it says at the beginning of every episode, a look into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. It just so happens that Manhattan's elite are a group of constantly feuding high schoolers, who go to college over the course of the show, and get into some of the most dramatic mischief you could ever think of. Of course, we have all seen Gossip Girl many times, and know the antics of Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and the rest of the gang. But if you loved the suspense and drama of Gossip Girl you will love these shows. Here are 17 shows like Gossip Girl.

1. Vampire Diaries


This show captures the drama and love triangles of Gossip Girl, but has a twist. Everyone in the show is part of the supernatural world, either vampires or werwolves!

2. 90210


Basically the Gossip Girl of the west coast. 90210 features high school students in Los Angeles battling the same struggles in its NYC counterpart.

3. Pretty Little Liars

ABC/ Freeform

Another show about girlfriends in high school, but, again, with a twist. Pretty Little Liars begins with the death of a friend, only to result in the haunting of their lives by her spirit.

4. The OC


The high school dramas just keep rolling in! The OC is also based in Los Angeles and features drama similar to that of Gossip Girl and 90210

5. Carrie Diaries


This show is based in NYC just like Gossip Girl and is set as the prequel to Sex And The City, following Carrie Bradshaw's time in high school.

6. One Tree Hill


Probably the second most popular high school show next to Gossip Girl, however, it shows a very different high school experience. These characters are in a small town, but go through some similar drama.

7. NYC Prep

Bravo TV

Essentially the same as Gossip Girl without the actual gossip girl character. This show follows NYC prep school students like the ones in Gossip Girl.

8. Secret Life of the American Teenager


Where Gossip Girl features a variety of social drama, this one focuses around one girl and her pregnancy. You'd be surprised how much goes on in these halls!

9. Riverdale


Riverdale is a little different than Gossip Girl because it has some horror/thriller vibes. Nevertheless, totally appeals to the same audience because it is about high schoolers finding their way.

10. Gilmore Girls


The story of Rory and Lorelei is one that we all love, especially Gossip Girl fans. It totally appeals to the same demographic!

11. Grey's Anatomy


If you revel in the drama of Gossip Girl you will absolutely love Grey's Anatomy. There are crazy plotlines around every corner!

12. Glee

20th Century Fox Television

This show tackles social issues in a high school setting, and they all sing and dance! It's a musical Gossip Girl!

13. Sex and the City


Four friends in New York City, we think this is what the girls on Gossip Girl will be like when they are all grown up, if slightly less wealthy!

14. The Originals


This Vampire Diaries spinoff takes the werwolf plot and runs with it. It features romance, action, and all kinds of drama!

15. Teen Wolf


Hot boys and werwolves? This show has it all!

16. How I Met Your Mother


Another NYC located comedy about lifelong friendships, romance, and much more. Gossip Girl fans will love!

17. Stranger Things


This one might be a stretch for similarities, but if you like Gossip Girl we think you will like this Netflix original. It is a little more on the thriller side, but it is really captivating!