The 10 Movies You Want To See Win An Oscar, Ranked By You!

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Oscar, Baby! Which Movies Do You Want to See Win The Academy Award?

After every movie we see, we analyze whether or not it will win an academy award. We need your help! Tell us which movies you think have what it takes to win the coveted prize. The Oscars come around every spring but we are searching for the winners all year. Will Black Panther win? Will Netflix's Roma? There have always been the expected winners and the surprises. Many have speculated even that some of the most popular and talked about films won't win, but it's up to you do decide what you think. But which movies will win an Academy Award next? Tell us what you think!

A Quiet Place - Best Sound Mixing

A Quiet Place via Paramount Pictures

For a movie about silence, it sure had the best sound. Upvote for A Quiet Place!

Michael B Jordan - Best Supporting Actor in Black Panter

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I think this one speaks for itself. The controversial movie has stunned audiences everywhere, and it is all backed by this best supporting actor.

Kathryn Newton - Best Supporting Actress in Blockers

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She is the perfect mix of dramatic and tender. After having so many big roles this early in her career from Big Little Lies on, she deserves it!

Game Night - Best Original Screenplay

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I mean, did anyone see this plotline coming? I know we sure didn't! It is a screenplay we have never seen before and will probably never see again!

First Man - Best Picture

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Ryan Gosling is always a winner in my eyes. Taking on the title of Neil Armstrong is a big task, and he does so with such grace.

Roma - Best Picture

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Will Netflix finally get a shot at the big trophy? Roma tells the story of two domestic workers in Mexico City and their journey to help a mother of 4. It's a real tearjerker, and deserves this big win.

Crazy Rich Asians - Best Popular Film

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From family drama to all-out romance, we laughed, we cried, we fell in love, this box office show stopper is well on its way to the golden trophy.

Bradley Cooper - Best Actor For A Star Is Born

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I think it's about time we celebrate Bradley Cooper's insane #skills, and this movie might be his big shot. A Star Is Born is this year's answer to Walk The Line and it really has it all: music, love, hearbreak, and much more.

Emily Blunt - Best Actress For Mary Poppins Returns

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This year's reboot of a tale as old as time is nothing if not magical. This would make all of our childhood dreams come true. Mary Poppins for the Oscar!

Meryl Streep - Best Supporting Actress For Mary Poppins Returns

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Because what wouldn't she win? Meryl has rocked every role from Julia Child to Miranda Priestly, and she doesn't stop! Another trophy for Mary Poppins please!