HQ Trivia App | What Is It, How To Play To Win, And More!

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What is the HQ trivia app? We know how to play and how to WIN!

HQ Trivia App | What Is It, How To Play To Win, And More!

The HQ trivia app is taking the world by storm! Host Scott Rogowski dishes out the questions live from NYC twice a day. If you like trivia and have an Apple smartphone, you will love this app. What is the HQ trivia app? How can you play the HQ trivia app? But most importantly, here's how to win the HQ trivia app. We have all the answers and more!

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What Is HQ Trivia App?

If you talk to other humans, you've probably heard about the HQ trivia app. So, what is HQ? HQ is the newest trivia game show, but here is the catch: ANYONE can play and ANYONE can win. It is a free app from the iTunes app store, and it attracts over 200,000 players every game.

How Do You Play HQ?

Here's how to play HQ: The app goes live every day at 3 PM and 9 PM EST. Once you open the app at either of those times, a countdown begins. Purple, green, yellow, and red shapes flash across the screen until the game is about to begin. Once you see the face of the host, Scott, the questions will begin. In a span of 10 seconds, the question is read, it appears on the screen, and three answers will appear. Once you choose the one that you think is correct, you will be told if you got it right, and how many people chose each answer.


How Do You Win HQ?

Wondering how to win HQ? Here is the catch... as the questions go on, they get harder and harder. To win, you must answer all questions correctly. You only get one life, unless, a new HQ user signs into the app using your username as a promo code.

What Do You Win When You Play HQ?

What do you win when you play HQ, you ask? Real money! That's right, and anyone can play for free. Each game's prize is $1,000 or more, and it is split between all the winners of that game. So, if there are 10 winners of a $1,000 game, each person gets $100 that they can cash out.

Is HQ Available For Android?

Unfortunately, HQ is not available for Android, it is only available from Apple's app store.

What do I do when HQ freezes or lags?

If HQ seems to lag, or freeze for a moment, check your WiFi or cellular connection, because everyone is experiencing the same issues! Don't worry, you will still be able to answer all the questions!

What is a savage question on HQ?

A savage question is a question that over half the remaining contestants answer incorrectly, leaving less than half of the players moving on to the next question.

Will you be playing HQ?

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