How To Buy Amazon Coins For Candy Crush Saga To Save Money

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Wondering where and how to buy Amazon coins for Candy Crush? We've got all the details on your Candy Crush Saga needs!

How To Buy Amazon Coins For Candy Crush Saga To Save Money

Amazon has instated the digital monetary system where you can earn or buy coins to use in different apps. Candy Crush Saga, the game that has spent years on top of the game app boards, is one of the many apps that you can use Amazon Coins for. Want to know how to buy Amazon Coins for Candy Crush Saga to save money? We have all the answers. Whether you buy or earn coins, there are a few ways to save money and use them for Candy Crush Saga.

How To Buy Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins are supported by Android, BlackBerry, Fire Tablets (except Kindle Fire 1st Generation), and the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website. You can go to Amazon and search Amazon Coins, this will take you to a page to buy coins at different amounts. Select your desired amount, and check out! They will be applied to your account. One hundred Amazon Coins are worth one dollar to use for apps, games, and in-app items and they never expire!

How To Use Amazon Coins For Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga uses gold bars as a form of currency, they give you extra lives and life boosters. This way, if you "die" in a Candy Crush Saga game, you can use gold bars to stay in the game. If you buy Amazon Coins, you can use them to buy gold bars in the Candy Crush Saga app.

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How Does Buying Amazon Coins Save Me Money

Amazon Coins are worth one dollar for each one hundred coins you buy, but the more you buy, the more discount you receive. For example, five hundred Amazon Coins are worth five dollars, but they are sold for four dollars and ninety cents, while one thousand Amazon Coins are worth ten dollars and cost nine dollars and seventy cents. So, even though you've spent less money than they are worth, you can use them for their original worth in Candy Crush Saga! The more coins you buy, the more money you save, and the more gold bars you can buy!

  • Buy Amazon Coins for Candy Crush on Amazon.
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Can I Use Amazon Coins For Candy Crush On iPhone?

Unfortunately, Amazon Coins are not yet applicable for iPhone apps bought in the app store. They are only eligible for use for Android and Blackberry phones. So if you are an iPhone user, you might want to try something else. You can play Candy Crush Saga on your Apple computer, and use Amazon Coins there! If Amazon Coins become accepted by the iPhone App Store, we will be sure to tell you all about it! In the mean time, use Amazon Coins for Android, Blackberry, and Kindle devices.

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