Rank These Top 10 Worst Friends Characters

Monica and Chandler staring lovingly into each other's eyes on an episode of Friends
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Help Us Rank The 10 Worst Friends Characters

Friends is a show we all know and love, the characters are basically our friends! Although it is hard to think who would be the WORST Friends characters, we will make it easy for you with this list of characters. Help us rank these 10 worst Friends characters. Whether you think the worst is the obvious Janice, or you have strong opinions about Rachel's sisters, we want to know! With so many seasons of Friends, so many characters, and even tons of guest appearances, you are bound to have opinions about who on the show truly irked you. We certainly do! Time to vote for the WORST Friends characters of all time.


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Not only is she a loud mouthed ex of Chandler, she just keeps showing up! She even has a baby next to Rachel in the final season. Get out of our head Janice!


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Although Ross is always getting his heart broken, this one truly hits home. Who leaves someone at the altar?! That is just so malicious of her. Emily you suck!


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Phoebe's twin sister, who is constantly shooting down her attempts to make amends, is truly the WOAT. She refuses to bond with Phoebe over anything from their shared birthday to a death in the family.


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This one might be debated, do you love or hate Gunther? On one hand, he is always meddling in everyone's business, on the other hand, so are they! Is Gunther funny? Or is he too much? Vote now!


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This long time ex-boyfriend of Monica honestly just makes Chandler super uncomfortable because he is so manly and successful, but that shouldn't matter! Chandler > Richard

Jill Green

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Rachel's bratty younger sister truly brings out the worst in Rachel. Whenever she comes to visit she flirts with everyone and spends too much money, Jill is honestly the worst.

Elizabeth Stevens

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Remember the college student Ross dated for a short while? She brought him into a water balloon fight in her dorm, which showed us two things: Ross and her shouldn't date, and she is terrible.

Charlie Wheeler

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Ross's colleague who dates both Ross and Joey, a little strange. If any girl dates two guys consecutively who are friends, you are automatically questionable.

Ugly Naked Guy

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He is either the worst, for not having a name and for always being publicly naked, or the best for helping Ross get an apartment across the street from everyone else. What do you think?

Mr. Zelner

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Rachel's creepy boss at Ralph Lauren, who Rachel kind of terrorizes. Remember when she told Joey he was trying to buy her baby? Good times.