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Check out the cool new features that WhatsApp has or is planning to roll out in 2017!

If it's been awhile since you've used the app, then check out these 2017 WhatsApp updates for a quick overview of what the app's creators have been up too. In case you're not yet familiar with it, WhatsApp is a Facebook owned application that works across various devices like your phone, computer, and iPad, making it easy for you to stay in touch with friends and family around the world- for free!

As of the latest 2017 WhatsApp updates, you can now not only send free texts and make phone calls at no charge, you can even enjoy video calls. Best of all however, is that WhatsApp is quickly becoming not only the easiest and most economic ways to stay in touch with friends and family members, it's also becoming one of the safest.

As of the newest 2017 WhatsApp updates, all of the calls, messaging, and other communication you engage in across the app will now be encrypted by default in order to make sure that you're conversations stay between you and the people they're meant to. So come on in and read more as you check out some of the newest features that WhatsApp is rolling out in 2017.

End-To-End Encryption


When it comes to making calls and sending texts, WhatsApp has quickly become to the go-to app, due to the fact that both of these services are free. This has long been a great way to cut down on International call rates or even SMS charges, but now it may even be the safest way to go when it comes to security.

In WhatsApp's newest update, they built in end-to-end encryption which means that your calls and messages are encrypted by default, allowing only you and the person you're communicating with to hear or read them. WhatsApp guarantees that this makes your conversations immune to listening in or interference by anyone else, even themselves.

WhatsApp Status


This February, WhatsApp announced that it would be launching a reinvented Status feature to coincide with the app's 8th birthday. Like calls and messaging, even the statuses themselves are end-to-end encrypted and allow users to share photos and videos with their contacts in a way that's both easy and secure. Similar to Snapchat Stories, the Status tab allows users to share decorated photos, videos, or GIF's that disappear after 24 hours with contacts of their own choosing.

WhatsApp Video Calling


Another huge update that WhatsApp brought to its users this years was the ability to make video calls. The update allows you to make video calls from your Android, iPhone, or Windows device, a feature which the company says they added because "sometimes voice and text just aren't enough. There's no substitute for watching your grandchild take her first steps, or seeing your daughter's face while she's studying abroad. And we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks."

New Photo Features for iOS


Just a few weeks ago on June 13, WhatsApp rolled out a few new photo features to it's iOS app, allowing users the ability to filter photos, videos, and GIF's before sharing them with friends. As of the release, there were only five filter options included by default, but judging from the company's constant creativity, our hopes are high that they'll continue by rolling more out soon.

The update also included the ability to group images into albums whenever you receive multiple photos from the same contact. This should make it bit less overwhelming to receive lots of images, given that WhatsApp allows users to send up to 30 photos or videos at the same time.

The Long-Rumored Revoke Option?


Though it's yet to have emerged, rumor has it that the App is getting very close to releasing an option that could save texters everywhere loads of embarrassing moments.

The plan is to release a feature that will allow you to "unsend" a message even after you've already sent it, should future-you decide that perhaps it wasn't quite as good an idea as it seemed like at the time. Though the feature would only work within a specific timeline and only if the sent message had not yet been viewed by the person it was sent too, it would basically retract that message as if it had never been sent at all.

Enhanced File Sharing Ability


According to Express, WhatsApp will soon offer users even more file sharing ability. In addition to the 100MB or less PDF and Word documents you're not able to send, soon you'll be able to shoot your contacts APK files as well. Currently available to a small number of users in its initial beta testing phase, hopefully the feature will be rolled out on a larger scale soon.

Text Queuing


As of the beginning of this year, you no longer have to worry about your messages going through, even if you are in an area where your wifi of mobile connection isn't so great. Now when you type a text message, you can go ahead and tap send, regardless of whether you're connected. If it turns out that you're not, the App will just queue up your message and send it as soon as your phone regains a solid connection.

If you haven't yet, check out the WhatsApp website to download the app for free!

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