Vet Helps "World's Saddest Dog" Make a Miracle Recovery

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Just when Merlin thought his life was over, the kindness of a few strangers changed everything.

When Merlin the abandoned dog was first brought into the shelter, it wasn't only the mange, painful sores, and many parasites covering his body that hurt him. Much like anyone who found themselves sick, alone, wondering fields, and scavenging for food would, the poor pooch had succumbed to a depression so deep that his rescuers nicknamed him "The Saddest Dog In The World."

Starved, alone, and completely devoid of hope, the poor little guy was so weak that he could barely stand without help. Just as Merlin seemed resigned to his fate however, a team of vets assembled to offer him a helping hand- and slowly but surely a miracle began to happen.

With a little medication, a whole lot of love, and the strength of a pint sizer warrior, Merlin slowly started to show progress as his infections began to clear up and his hair began to grow back in.

Before long, the once destitute pooch was able to stand on his own and the light in his eyes slowly began to come back.

With months of help and encouragement from his human friends, the world's saddest dog finally felt his hope return as his depression started to lift. Then finally the day came that his rescuers had dreamed of- the once desperate dog's shy gaze was finally replaced with a smile

Though Merlin may have once thought himself a lost cause, he eventually made a remarkable recovery and a lot of great friends along the way! These days Merlin is a happy, healthy boy once again and has even began looking for his forever home.

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