Upcycle Your Old Stuff With These Chic Tips

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Got a bunch of old stuff you're not quite sure what to do with? Come on in.

Turn an Old Window Pain into an Adorable Picture Frame

Turn an Old Book Into a Killer Clock

Get the directions here!

Turn an Upside Down End Table Into a Pet Bed

Hang Crates On the Wall as Floating Bookshelves

String Some Twine Across an Old Picture Frame for This Cool Effect

Paint an Old Cake Tray to Hold Your Bathroom Essentials

Create a Little Extra Storage With These Cool Framed Shadow Boxes

Cover Your Medicine Cabinet With an Old Suitcase

Turn an Old Globe Into a Potpurri Bowl

Turn an Old Drawer Into a New Shelf

Turn an Old Wine Bottle Into a Lamp

Get the directions here!

Make a Nightlight with a Mason Jar, Glass Beads, and LED Candle

Turn an Old Map Into a Picture Mat

Turn Old Tennis Rackets Into Themed Mirrors

Turn an Old Drawer Into a Bulletin Board

Cut Off The Tops of Salt and Sugar Containers and Reuse Them In Mason Jars

Old Suitcases Make Awesome Looking Side Table

Old Buttons + Soup Can + Spray Paint= New Brush Holder

Glue Wine Corks To A Glass For This Cool Candle Holder Effect

Glue a Dolly To a Wine Bottle to Make an Adorable Centerpiece

Give a Chipped Tea Cup a New Life as a Candle

Get the full directions here!

Frame a Collection of Paint Chips You Can Use as a Dry Erase Calender

Paint an Old Cheese Grater a Unique Jewelry Organizer

Use The Pages of Old Books To Spice Up Your Glass Candle Holders

Tie Fabric Scrap To The Wires of an Old Lamp Shade for a Cool Boho Effect