21 Fierce Females In History You’ve Never Heard Of

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We may not know some of their names, but the fierceness of these amazing females lives on.

History is full of badass women who changed history but whose names are forgotten. Thankfully, they were caught on film during the process:

1. This Swedish Woman Nailing a Neo-Nazi With Her Purse

2. This 106 Year-Old Armenian Woman Who Ain't Afraid to Guard Her Home

3. These Woman Firefighters at Pearl Harbor

4. A Muslim Woman Covers Her Jewish Friend's Star With Her Veil

5. A Female Samurai Warrior In 1800's Feudal Japan

6. Maud Stevens Wagner - The First Female Tattoo Artist In the United States

7. Annette Kellerman- Arrested for Wearing a One Piece Swim Suit in 1907

8. The Members of this 1975 Strike Involving 90% of Iceland's Female Workers

9. Marina Ginesta'- a French Vet of the Spanish Civil War in 1936

10. Ellen O'Neil- One of the World's Greatest Female Freestyle Skateboarders

11. Billie Jean King- First Prominent U.S. Female Athlete to Come Out as Gay

12. These Girls Delivering Ice Back in 1918

13. These Four Female Pilots Back in the 1940's

14. Imone Segouin, an 18 Year Old French Resistance Fighter in 1944

15. Marie Teresa De Filippis, First Female Formula 1 Driver (1958)

16. A Female Lockheed Employing Working In Burbank, CA in 1944

17. A Group of Female WW2 Soviet Pilots Called The Night Witches

18. Female Workers on Break in 1943

19. The Smith College Women's Basketball Team of 1902

20. This Turkish Resistance Fighter

21. Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a Soviet WW2 Sniper Nicknamed "Lady Death"

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