The Best 2017 Texas State Fair Food

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Check out the best mouth watering foods from the Texas State Fair!

If you find yourself down South Sept 29- October 22 this year, then prepare to find yourself powerless to resist checking out the best 2017 Texas State Fair food. Each year State Fairs around the country mount a virtual feast of food options, from classics like Fletcher's Corny Dogs to newer concoctions like Deep Fried Oreos.

As you might expect, much of the best 2017 Texas State Fair food is shrouded in enough calories to warrant a pair of nice loose fitting buffet style pants but delicious enough to tempt even the staunchest of fitness fiends to cheat a tiny bit on their regular eating habits. Here you'll find a list of staples from the Fair that you don't want to miss out on, whether you're looking for anything from a Smoked Turkey Leg to a full on Deep Fried Thanksgiving Meal.

So without further ado, prepare to feast your eyes on some of the best 2017 Texas State Fair food that's definitely worth a few extra trips to the gym in November!

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs

Fletcher's Original State Fair Corny Dogs/Facebook

If there's one food you can't afford to miss at this or any other year's Texas State Fair, it's the golden brown goodness of Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs. A beloved tradition, half a million of these Dallas original corn dogs have been sold at the Texas State Fair since their debut in 1942. The beloved corn dog's inventors, Carl and Neil Fletcher, even claim that the legendary deep-fried dogs are where the first corn dogs in America.

Fernie’s Funnel Cakes

When it comes to sweets, Fernie's Funnel Cakes have been the traditional Texas State Fair favorite since the 1980's. These incredible hand make cakes are made of deep fried batter that's covered in powdered sugar, and even offer optional fruit toppings. Fernie's was not only the first to bring funnel cakes and nachos to the Texas State Fair, they still remain the best in the business.

Fried Lemonade


Don't be fooled by the crazy sounding name, Fried Lemonade is actually more of a delicious pastry in a cup full of lemonade-based glaze. The lemonade is actually infused to flavorful balls of deep friend dough, which are then soaked in it more lemonade after they've been cooked golden brown. The final product is a cup full of delicious lemon pound cake type snacks fried up a bit like donuts.

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner

Why wait until November for Thanksgiving dinner when you can enjoy it each year at the Texas State Fair? The winner of the 2013 Big Texas Award in the "Most Creative" category, the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner includes homemade stuff, roasted turkey, creamed corn, and corn meal all rolled into one big ball of Thanksgiving goodness. Served with brown gravy and dippable orange cranberry sauce, this is one of the many things Texas State Fair offers that you're guaranteed to be thankful for.

Little Bob's BBQ's Famous Smoked Bologna

Though pretty much anything you can get at Little Bob's BBQ is guaranteed to be amazing, the famous smoked bologna is not to be missed. Ever since Little Bob's started their legacy at the 1964 State Fair, their Smoked Bologna has been a constant best seller and one bite will leave you with no questions as to why.

Deep Fried Oreos

If you're a fan of Oreos, then hold onto your hat. You're favorite guilty pleasure just got a whole lot guiltier with the Texas State Fair's Fried Oreos. These bad boys are deep fried to turn the cookie into a soft, chewy treat which is then covered in powdered sugar and chocolate syrup. The resulting sugar rush is likely to leave you feeling higher than the adrenaline from even the scariest of fair rides.

Fried Latte

Want to try coffee Texas Style? Then skip the Starbucks and get ready to indulge in a little Deep Fried Latte (yes, really). Awarded "most creative" State Fair food in the Big Tex Choice Awards of 2007, this caffeinated power snack is not actually a drink at all. It comes in the form of a ridiculously tasty fried pastry which is then topped with instant coffee power, cappuccino ice cream, caramel, and whipped cream.

Smoked Turkey Legs

These cave man style Turkey Legs are not only a Texas State Fair favor, they are ironically one of the more healthy options amid all their deep fried fellow foods. Smoked to perfection and wrapped in an aluminum foil handle, this is a great way to enjoy dinner as you stroll.

Sutter's Salt Water Taffy

At nearly 100 years old, Sutter's Taffy got its start all the way back in the 1919 and landed at the Texas State Fair in 1953. If you're looking for some of the World's best salt water taffy with a healthy dose of nostalgia mixed into every bite, look no further than Sutters.

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