The Best 2017 Minnesota State Fair Food

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Warning: Checking out this list of Minnesota State Fair foods while hungry is not advised!

If you've ever been to the Minnesota State fair, you know it features some of the best food in the world. The 2017 Minnesota State Fair foods surely won't disappoint, and you're likely to realize pretty quickly the importance of showing up at this, or neighboring State Fairs for that matter, with an empty stomach. Here you'll find a collection of some of tastiest, craziest and all around best 2017 Minnesota State Fair food, from simple snacks to full on entrees on a stick.

The odds are that if you've eaten Minnesota State Fair food in the past, you'll recognize some of the fair's amazing staples such as Tom Thumb donuts, which made their debut at the fair all the way back in the 1950's. You'll also see annual treats such as the incredibly Minnesota sweetcorn featured at Corn Roast and of course cheese curds, a MN State Fair favorite.

You'll also find newer food vendors who have joined the fair in the past few years and find out why they have quickly become some of the best 2017 Minnesota State Fair food favorites!

Tom Thumb Donuts

After introducing their adorably tiny yet succulent donuts at the Minnesota State Fair in the 1950's, these Tom Thumb Donuts have been a Minnesota State Fair tradition for over 60 years. A family owned and operated business, Tom Thumb's makes these delicious cinnamon sugared donuts right before your eyes so each bite is not only delightful but hot on and fresh. So head on over at this year's Minnesota State Fair to check out "the best donut in the business."


A frequent staple of both the Iowa and Minnesota State Fairs, the gizmo is an Italian-style sausage and ground beef sandwich topped with seasonings, special sauce, and loads of melty mozzarella cheese, all served on an Italian roll. If you're looking for the perfect lunch or dinner snack, then pick up one of these bad boys and tell your taste buds to get ready to party.

Kawani's Malts

Want to cool off from the Minnesota State Fair heat and give back to the world at the same time? Then head over to Kiwanis Malt Shop, a Minnesota State Fair tradition since 1969. Serving delicious chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry malts, the Kiwanis club has raised over $1 million dollars for charities and sells about 25,000 malts per year.

Minneapple Pie

The Minneapple Pie has been a favorite at Minnesota State Fair for the past few years and judging from their pies, it's not hard to see why. At Minne's Diner, home of the Minneapple Pie, you can enjoy individual deep friend apple and pumpkin pies, dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a delectable scoop of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream on the side.

Fresh French Fries

If you're looking for the freshest fries at the Minnesota State Fair, then head on over to Fresh French Fries, who definitely live up to their name. Fresh Fries uses only homegrown potatoes, picked from Big Lake, Minnesota days before they are served. The fries are cooked using gluten free/trans-fat free vegetable oil, topped with salt, and come with ketchup or vinegar for your dipping delight.

Sausage By Cynthia

Looking for the best beef jerky at the Minnesota State Fair…and some would even say in the whole world? Then head over to Sausage by Cynthia where everything is made from scratch. Their menu also includes an endless list of specialty items such as Minnesota wild rice and pork with jalapeño cheese, Creole Chaurice, Bourbon wurst, and Smoked Boudin with pork, liver, and rice.

Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

Sweet Martha's has become a Minnesota State Fair must and judging from their fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, it's not hard to see why. Available in either a cone or a take home cookie pail, Sweet Martha's also offers huge glasses of milk, coffee, or water for a snack that will take you right back to your childhood days at your grandma's kitchen table.

Cheese Curds

Each year over 100,000 pounds of cheese curds are consumed the Minnesota State Fair, making them a staple not to be ignored. The fried curds feature a crispy exterior that hide the gooey goodness of melted cheese locked inside.

Pork Chops On a Stick

If you've ever had the chance to check out the Minnesota State Fair in the past, you may already know that it offers a vast selection of great foods "on a stick." One among the best places to visit if you're up for a little quick cuisine on the go is Peterson's Chicken-n-Chops which uses their Grill Happy Seasoning to create a delicious line of both chicken and charbroiled pork chops, both of which comes in "on a stick" form. The chops are freshly delivered each day, never frozen, and 8oz center cuts grilled to perfection.

Cheese On a Stick

Looking for a side dish to your delicious pork chop on a stick? Why not stop by a Cheese on a Stick stand? There you'll get your own piece of a block of cheddar cheese dipped in special cornmeal batter and fashioned onto a handy stick. As the golden brown cornmeal melts the cheese inside the treat becomes kind of like the world's greatest Popsicle on steroids.

Corn Roast

Among the top grossing food vendors of the Minnesota State Fair, Corn Roast has featured one of the most popular fair foods for over 30 years. For a mere $3, you can get an ear of freshly picked Minnesota sweet corn that's been roasted in the husk, then shucked and dipped in fresh butter, melted less than 24 hours out of the creamy.

Cinnie Smiths

Looking to follow up your meal with a great desert? Then check out Minnesota State Fair staple, Cinnie Smiths. Here you can get cinnamon rolls made from scratch right before your eyes, featuring real butter, cinnamon, and sugar. From the warm outside to the gooey center, these rolls are not to be missed, nor is the homemade creamy vanilla custard which is available for dipping.

Oh by the way, among all these great foods the Minnesota State Fair also features loads of fun rides...but let's worry about that after the cheese curds, shall we?

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