Photos of Hedgehogs Ready to Deliver Your Daily Dose of Adorable


Prepare for cuteness overload in 3..2..1...

Just Hangin' Out...

Those Tiny Toes Tho

One Cup of Adorable, Coming Right Up...

Beep Beep

Therapist Hedgehog Invites You To Share Your Thoughts

'Scuse Me, I Feel We've Met...

Look What I Made!

Jus' Chillin' With Bea

They See Me Rollin'. They Hatin'.



Deep Cover Hedgehog Is Hidden. You Can't See Him.

Why No, I Haven't Seen Your Vicodin...

Baby Hog Drops Hints About His Desire To Go On The Roller Coaster

Like My New Threads?

Cozy Cuddler Hog Decides Not To Do Monday

Unamused Hog Is Unamused

His Highness Hog Wonders If You've Come Bearing Gifts?