Orangutan Gets Emotional When She Meets Pregnant Woman

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Prepare to get your "awww" on

27-year-old expectant mom Morgain Cole Abbott from Ipswich, Suffolk, was visiting Colchester Zoo in Essex when had an amazing experience that moved her to tears. While Morgain was checking out the primate section, she came upon a 48-year-old orangutan named Rajang who was hand raised by humans after his own mother passed away when he was only a month old.

The expectant mom, who is already a mother to another one-year-old child named William, said that as Rajang watched her through the glass of his enclosure, he seemed to notice right away that she was pregnant. "'It was incredible he really focused on my bump and kept looking in my eyes and then pointing at my bump," she said.

Morgain Cole Abbott

The encounter got even sweeter as Rajang smiled at the mother, stroked at her baby bump, and then gently moved forward and kissed her stomach through the glass.

The tender encounter, which moved the mom-to-be to tears, was filmed by Morgain's partner Liam and later posted on her facebook page where it amassed over 16k likes. "I couldn't believe it when he bent down to kiss it. It was incredible and really showed his intelligence as he knew straight away I was pregnant and singled me out," Morgain said.

The couple, who are excited to meet their first daughter upon her birth the following March, were so moved by the experience with Rajang that they've decided to do their part to protect others like him. Following the visit they announced their plans to raise money for the Orangutan Foundation, an organization that helps ensure that the beautiful animals are protected in the wild.

Morgain Cole Abbott

"I really do hope some people have donated as if every person even donated a pound it would have raised a brilliant amount for such a good cause," Morgain said.

The family also confirmed that they will of course return to the zoo in the future and hope to meet up with their new Orangutan buddy again.

A spokeswoman for Colchester Zoo said that amazingly, this is not Rajang's first encounter with an expectant mom.

Last year, the baby bumps of Maisie Knight and Kayley Bethany were also bestowed with his loving kisses. According to the spokeswoman, Rajang's other fascinations and interests include tattoos, elbows, and knees, which especially peaked when the staff were first issued shorts.

Rest assured however, that if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Rajang, your chances for scoring a kiss through the glass are not limited to being pregnant. The zoo spokeswoman also revealed that he also takes notice of cuts and bruises and bestows them with his sweet, healing Orangutan love kisses.

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