15 Signs You're Winning At Life (Even If It Doesn't Always Feel Like It)

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Life's a game and girl you're in the lead

1. You Rarely Find Yourself Arguing With Someone Not Actually In the Room

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You get that not everyone is always going to agree on everything and that that's okay! You spend more of your time alone refining your own thoughts and beliefs that figuring out the perfect argument to make sure the rest of the world agrees with you.

2. You Believe In Something Greater Than Yourself

This doesn't always mean God or a Higher Power to everybody, although that's certainly one thing it could. Whether it be spirituality, social justice, or just the power of goodness and love, nothing can give more meaning to life than feeling like you're part of achieving something on a daily basis that's much bigger than you alone could ever be.

3. You Know That Drama Isn’t the Same Thing as Excitement

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When it comes to drama, you figured out long ago that life's way too short. You wouldn't be caught dead on the giving or receiving end of gossip and genuinely feel sorry for people who engage in it. Few things are sadder than people who are so desperate for self-confidence that they feel like they have to put other people down to feel better about themselves.

4. You Know How to Forgive and Why It’s Important

You know that although forgiveness is not the same thing as allowing someone to continue to hurt you, that it is important none the less. You realize that sometimes forgiving is more important for your own sake than that of the person you decide to forgive. Holding onto a grudge long term is no more than allowing the person who hurt you to continue to do so.

5. You Know What You Believe and Why

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You know what you believe in and it's not just because someone told you to. No matter what you stand for whether it be religious, political, or moral, it's because it feels right to you- not your parents, your teachers, or the Rabbi or Preacher you grew up listening to.

6. You’ve Learned To Look For The Lesson

When problems and obstacles come your way, you're not the type who takes an immediate nose-dive into the depths of self-pity. Instead you have the presence of mind to ask yourself what lesson life could be trying to teach you by throwing this particular roadblock your way at this specific time.

7. You Accept What You Can’t Change

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Regardless of how rich, beautiful, or successful you are, you realize that life is a series of ups and downs. You know that no matter how in control you are, you're never going to be able to control every single thing in your life that happens to you.

8. You Change the Things You Can

You realize that although you'll never be able to control every single thing in life that happens to you, there are also a helluva lot of things that you can. Chief among them being how you respond to the things that happen to you.

9. You Either Like Your Job or Know Why You Don’t

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If you've managed to score a career you love, consider yourself part of a very elite group who are pretty much nailing it at the game of life. If you don't however, it's because the job you're in now is a stepping stone that's helping you work towards your ultimate dream gig. If you're interning at a tech start-up you hope to one day be the CEO of, you make the best damn cup of coffee in town and smile every day as you do it.

10. You Know How To Put Long Term Goals Ahead of Short Term Pleasure

If you've got a huge presentation tomorrow or a looming deadline, you're not the kinda chick that's going to follow the lure of a few afterhours' shots to the bar, no matter how long a day it may have been. You know that occasionally buckling down and working through stressful times is not always a bad thing because it means that there are people depending on you and that what you're doing is important.

11. You Chose To Be Happy

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As harrowing a thought as it can sometimes be, at the end of the day, happiness is a choice, not a destination. No matter how many things in life you're still working for, you couldn't be more grateful for all the things you've already got. You also realize that happiness must be protected like the treasure it is and may sometimes mean walking away from people, relationships, and situations that threaten your long term joy.

12. You Know When To Stay Out Of It

Though you never shy away from stepping in if someone who can't defend themselves is in danger, you know that most arguments between two other people are none of your business. As hard as it can be to resist jumping in and taking sides, you know that sometimes the best thing you can do is provide both people involved with the opportunity to grow by working through it themselves.

13. You Never Stop Learning

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You realize that the world we live in is an incredible mosaic of different people, cultures, and ways of life. Rather than get caught up in your bubble, you always stay alert, receptive, and ready to be fascinated by something new each and every day.

14. You Rarely “React”

Challenging as it can be not to immediately go into "thrown down" mode when someone insults you or seems to snap at you in an unfriendly tone, you know that it's always best to take a moment and breathe. You've learned that the bad moods of people rarely have anything at all to do with you and that it's better to offer a smile and walk away rather than get pulled into the hurricane of their angst.

15. You’re Not Afraid To Ask For Help

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You've left the ambition of being "perfect" in the past where it belongs and aren't afraid to reach out to others when you need help. Ironically, by doing so you're able to grow closer to a more perfected version of yourself every day.

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