9 Qualities Of Highly Desirable Women That Have Nothing To Do With Looks

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These characteristics make you a total catch!

They say that beauty comes from the inside out right? Here are some of the reasons you're a quality woman that have nothing to do with outer beauty:

1. Kindness


As old fashioned as it may sound, kindness is a rare jewel these days, so don't ever underestimate it if it comes naturally to you.

Not only does a kind person naturally brighten up the world around them, potential mates are going to feel a great deal safer opening up to you if they know you generally care about other people.

2. Positive Outlook and Sense of Humor


If you love to laugh and are one of those people that just genuinely enjoys life, never forget how amazing you are. It may come as no surprise that studies show that most men are highly attracted to smiling women.

Rock that optimism girl, it's worth so much more than you know.

3. Passion and Drive


If you've got a passion or interests that you absolutely love pursuing then the odds are that you are quite possible that you're a more inspiring person than you know.

Not only do you never run out of things to talk about, you've likely got a sense of purpose and lightness about you that's incredibly refreshing.

4. Consideration For the Other People In His Life


There's nothing better than having a partner who not only respects your friends, but understands that they are an important part of your life also.

Whether you're hanging with them watching a ball game or are out with your girls when they need a guy's only poker night, it's reassuring to a man to know that you're not going to insist on being his only priority.

5. Personal Confidence


At the end of the day, some of the most interesting people are the ones who are not afraid to be themselves.

If you're unashamed to be your unique, creative, occasionally crazy self then it's going to show in a wave of confidence that'll attract mates- and people in general- like bees to honey.

6. Sexual Confidence


This one isn't about what you're wearing beneath your clothes or knowing all kinds of wild moves in the sack. It's about knowing what you like sexually and being unafraid to show it.

Rather than worry about what you think he wants, just let your sexuality come out naturally. The more genuine you are with your desires, the more attractive he is going to find you.

7. Emotional Maturity


This quality is what separates the girls from the women.

If you're the kind of woman who can admit when she's wrong and firmly but level-headedly stand up for herself when she's right, you're sure to be a keeper.

8. Decisiveness


If you know who you are and what you want, then you're going to be naturally more attractive to similar types of people.

The best relationships are the ones that don't have a clear leader, but two people working together in a give and take partnership.

9. Emotional Honesty


Though being strong and confident is absolutely an attractive quality, so is being courageous enough to show it when you're feeling vulnerable.

We all have those days when we just need a hug or a shoulder to lean on. Be honest about it, and he will admire you even more.

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