21 Parents Who Have The Best Sense Of Humor Ever

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Who says parenting can't be fun?

1. These Parents Who Texted Their Son After Hearing a Murderer Was on the Loose

2. Awww, Thanks Mom!

3. This Dad Whose Geared Up For His Daughter's First Driving Lesson

4. They've Still Got It

5. Hehe, See What They Did There?

6. The Dad Who Sent His Son This Photo of His Room After He Moved to College

7. Take One For the Team, Matthew. Choices Had to Be Made.

8. Behold This Masterpiece of Parenting

9. The Masterminds Behind This Snail Mail Selfie

10. When Wild Life Fights Back

11. Why This Dad Never Gets Asked To Dog Sit Anymore

12. These Helpful Hinters

13. Just Gotta Take a Shot In the Dark Here...

14. They Couldn't Resist

15. This Dad and His First Selfie

16. How Soon They Forget

17. These DIY Christmas Card Editors

18. This Dad Who Left His Son's Dinner Money With His Trusted Sidekick

19. This Mom Does Not Play

20. Indeed...

21. This Epic Dad Win, Tho

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