15 Of The Best Shows On Netflix That You've Never Even Heard Of

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Just finished binge watching The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad? Come on in...

1. Merlin

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If you're into magic and/or fantasy, you'll love this BBC remake of the classic Arthurian tales.

Packed full of dragons, knights in shining armor, and plenty of adventure, the show features Merlin, Arthur, Gwenevere, and Morgana as young adults in a world where magic is forbidden and must be kept a secret.

2. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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Take a trip back to the jazz age in this gorgeously shot Aussie mystery about a sharp-witted 1920's spinster who solves mysteries. Not only is the show a blast, but Miss Fisher's incredible wardrobe alone makes it impossible to look away from.

3. Death In Paradise

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When a staunch British detective is reassigned to an island in the Caribbean, hilarity and intrigue ensue in this charming BBC drama.

4. Murdoch Mysteries

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Set in Victorian Canada, the show chronicles the adventures of William Murdoch, a brilliant detective who solves crimes in an age before CSI-like technology.

Besides its killer supporting cast, the show also features plenty of "cameos" by historical figures such as Mark Twain and Harry Houdini, as well as plenty of old-school Sherlock Holmes style crime cracking.

5. Terriers

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In the list of shows canceled before their time, this one ranks near the top of the list. The show follows the antics of a recovering alcoholic and ex-cop who partners with his ex-criminal best friend to form a not-so-licensed P.I. firm.

6. The Code

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Ever wonder what happened to Lucy Lawless Post-Xena? The Code, that's what.

These days she stars in this Aussie mystery show about two brothers who get tangled up in a huge cover-up involving high-ranking members of the Australian government.

7. The Secret Circle

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If you're into "Vampire Diaries," you'll love this supernatural teen flick by the same author.

The story centers around a group of teens who discover that not only are they witches, they are all interconnected by a magical destiny.

8. Haven

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This Sci-Fi drama, based on Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid," follows FBI agent Audrey Parker who arrives in a small Maine town, only to discover its inhabitants are plagued by supernatural plagues known as "the troubles."

Drama and romance ensue when she decides to stay in the town long-term and begins to discover it contains a mysterious link to her own past.

9. Peaky Blinders

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This stunningly shot drama is set in England right after the first World War and follows the story of a Romani/Irish gang called "The Peaky Blinders."

10. Doc Martin

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If you're into dry humor, look no further. Doc Martin is the hysterical tale of a brilliant doctor in a small English town who is great with medicine but not so awesome with people skills.

11. A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories

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Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe join forces in this comic miniseries based on a young doctor's early career in a remote village.

12. Better Off Ted

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If you love over-the-top comedy and old school sitcom type humor, put this one at the top of your queue. Portia Di Rossi shines in this hysterical tale that chronicles the antics of a team of office workers.

13. Lie To Me

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After missing the non-verbal signs of a patient in secret distress, a psychologist becomes an expert in reading body language and uses his new found skill set to solve crimes. Not only does the show feature great plot lines, it's a fascinating study in learning to read people.

14. Young and Hungry

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Another great choice for sitcom lovers, Young and Hungry features Emily Osment as a young chef who nails her dream job... only to accidentally end up nailing her new boss in the process.

As the two struggle to keep things professional, they're joined by a hilarious cast of characters in this laugh out loud comedy.

15. Republic of Doyle

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This fun family dramedy takes place in Newfoundland and follows the adventures of a handsome P.I. who runs a firm with his dad.

Throughout their cases and various antics, the two occasionally bounce back and forth between the right and wrong side of the law.


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