12 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

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You don't need to drink for it to be a date!

As fun as the bar scene scene can be occasionally, there's always the lingering danger of it's ability to go really wrong really fast, especially when you're on a date.

So whether you're in a committed relationship and looking to spice things up or are getting ready to attempt to get to know a guy without the aid of beer goggles, here are a couple no-booze date ideas to get your creative gears turning.

1. Get Your Wander On


Break out of the same old routine by getting away, even if it's just for the day.

Whether it be going on a spontaneous trip to a nearby town, going on a hike, or just heading down the beach/river/lake, take a date to get out of your regular environment and explore.

Who knows? You might even stumble upon your new favorite place together.

2. Go for an Evening Picnic


Who cares if there's a park nearby or not? This can be a fun one to do in your own back yard.

Set up a blanket, enjoy a nice meal together, and then prop up on a few pillows and star-gaze after watching the sun go down.

3. Succumb to Your Inner Netflix Desire


Let's face it, sometimes nothing's better than just taking a night off to chill on the couch.

Get together to shamelessly binge watch your favorite show, agreeing beforehand to ditch your laptops and cell phones.

Spend the night indulging in Mad Men, popcorn, and the joy of each other's company.

4. Have Breakfast for Dinner


Though it may or may not be as glamorous as a night out on the town, who doesn't love the taste of a nice, fluffy stack of pancakes?

Get together have fun fixing your own stacks alongside all your favorite side dishes. After all, what quicker way to a man's heart than a nice big side of bacon?

5. Take a Walk


Ever get out of a movie and find yourself up for a little more fun, but not necessarily of the bar room variety?

Instead of going for drinks after, try hitting up an ice cream or milkshake shop instead. Then take your treats for a nice leisurely walk around the block while you to wind down the night.

6. Tap Into Your Inner Tourist


Granted this is easier in some locations than others, but check out tourist sites to see what kinds of things the tourism board uses to lure folks to vacation in your state.

Whether it be an old school ghost tour, a theme park, or a gorgeous park, see what your area has to offer and check it out.

7. Check Out a Ball Game


The good thing about this one is that few men are going to argue with your desire to check out their favorite sporting event.

Even if you have no idea what the hell is going on, it can be fun to have your guy teach you while you shamelessly feast on all the treats that ball games tend to offer.

Who knows, you may even be able to use your attendance as leverage to get him to take you to a romantic comedy later on down the road!

8. Hang Out With Some Animals


Who doesn't love animals? If you've got your own, check out locations that are dog-friendly and enjoy a little play date with your pooch in tow.

If not, consider volunteering at an animal shelter or checking out an adoption event. After all, nothing says lady porn like the sight of a hot man holding a tiny kitten.

9. Check Out a Museum

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If you and/or your guy are the artistic type, local art events can always be a fun option.

If either of you draws, most museums will even let you take in a sketch pad so you can grab a bench and do your own pencil renderings of the old masters' work.

10. Visit a Farmer’s Market


Farmer's marketing together can be a fun outing, especially if you've got a meal in mind to make with your spoils.

This can be a good icebreaker if you've just started dating because the odds of an awkward silence taking over and highly diminished when you're surrounded by people.

11. Check Out a Flea Market


This one's extra fun if either of you has something specific in mind that's you're looking for.

Is there an area of your house you'd like to decorate or a DIY project you've been wanting to try?

Make a list of things that you'd like to try and find to give the whole thing a treasure hunt kind of feel.

12. Have a Fondue Night


Whether it's chocolate or cheese, whose going to argue with eating melted versions of either?

These days there are a lot of recipes out there that even teach you how to make fondue in a crockpot. So load up on strawberries and other fun dipping items and get to melting.

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