Myths Debunked: The 10 Best DIY Waxing Kits

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Get ready to get your wax on!

The idea of doing your own waxing can be daunting at first, the DIY waxing experience need not end in turmoil! Here you'll find a collection of some of the best DIY waxing kits around, for a variety of needs and experience levels.

So whether you're a pro looking to do your own bikini wax or completely new to the at home waxing experience but would really love to do your own brows, fear not! Check out the following products and your guaranteed to find the perfect product for your individual needs.

1. Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

If you consider yourself a veteran waxer and are looking for a kit that can literally get the job done from head to toe, then check out the Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit. Originally designed for use in Bliss Spas, the kit is now available for home use.

Not only is it effective on nearly any part of your body, including the face and bikini area, it's also low-temperature and aromatherapy-based. Though a little on the expensive side, the kit comes with everything you need including pre and post-waxing oil, not to mention it smells just dreamy.

2. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face, Brows & Bikini

If you're not so versed in the ways of waxing and are looking for an option that's cheap, effective, and easy, then Sally Hansen may just have the product for you. What makes this kit easy to use is the fact that it consists of pre-waxed strips that you simply heat by rubbing between your hands, pull apart, apply to the desired area, and pull. The kit comes with a good number of strips that you can cut into different shapes before pulling apart, if you want a particular shape which comes in handy with areas such as your eyebrows.

3. BodyHonee Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit

If you're into the all-natural, check out this waxing kit by BodyHonee. This bad boy is an extra strength hair removal system that's designed to completely remove even thick or coarse hair from the arms, legs, and even the back and chest should the need arise (no judgment here).

Though too strong to be used on the face or neck, the all-natural formula is infused with avocado oil and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It also comes with jojoba, chamomile and vitamin E infused Post Wax Oil that's both cleansing and super soothing.

4. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

If you're looking to do a little precision waxing then this kit is here to help. It comes equipped with a full instructional DVD, so no worries if you're not exactly a pro. The kit comes with hard wax, a wax warmer and other essentials you'll need, but simplifies things by not requiring that you use any strips. This makes precision waxing easier and is a great way to create your own perfectly arched eyebrows or to attack unwanted lip or chin hair.

5. Cirépil Blue Wax

If you're not into high heat waxing, then check out this low temperature option that utilizes a special polymer that actually shrink wraps hair, making removal a snap. Particularly effective for difficult waxing areas, it also comes in a large container, with plenty of wax to use over large body areas. The disposable wax is formulated with jojoba oil which makes for a more soothing waxing experience and comes with easy to dispose wooden applicators.

6. Parissa Natural Hair Removal System

Another great strip-less option, Parissa comes with the added bonus of being effective on short, coarse hair. That said, it's also being super gentle and great for use on sensitive skin, which makes it a great choice for areas like the face, underarms, and bikini zone. Though formulated to tackle even the toughest hair, it's also made with all natural ingredients, is never tested on animals, and delivers salon quality results.

7. Cocojojo Organic Cold Sugaring Wax Hair Removal Paste

This Persian waxing kit is another great all natural formula that both removes hair and exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin. The hair removal paste is formulated with argan and tea tree oils and is gentle enough to be applied over the same area more than once if needed for the most difficult areas.

The cold sugar wax is used with muslin strips, easily applies with spatulas, and is surprisingly simple to clean up. The formula is strong yet gentle enough that it can also be used on delicate areas like the lip, underarms, and bikini line.

8. Zip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover

If you're a fan of the tried and true, then look no further than Zip Wax which has been around for years and stood the test of time. It comes the form of a block of hard wax which you can heat, apply, and remove without the use of cloth strips.

Just break off a piece of the wax bar, heat it up in a wax warmer, the microwave, or the stove and apply it to whichever area you'll like to render hairless. This one works on larger areas like the arms and legs, as well as smaller more delicate areas like the brows and lip, though you may want to use different size spatulas for a broader or more precise application.

9. Micro Tweeze by No Tweeze

Micro Tweeze is yet another great option if you're looking for something simple, effective, and cheap. Simply warm it up in the microwave, apply it to your target area, press down to make sure it gets down to the roots, and pull. While an especially popular choice for facial hair such as the brows, it's also strong enough for use on course hairs that may be lingering on your arms, legs, or anywhere else.

10. Nair Hair Remover Spa Clay Roll-On Wax

If you're looking for an easy option for your arms and legs, Nair's spa clay roll-on wax is a great choice. The role on-wax is not only super easy to apply but is also rich in minerals, mango, and acai berry. Just pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds, apply it to the desired areas, cover with a strip, and pull for a nice, smooth hair-free look.

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