Men Are Dogs: So This Woman Went On Blind Dates With Puppies Instead

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Amid the stress of everyday life, a woman finds a way to give back and receive unconditional love at the same time.

With all the turmoil going on in the world today, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Don't you catch yourself wishing every now and then that there was a way to just climb into the car, leave your world behind for a few days, and go someplace where you could just enjoy being showered with unconditional love? Believe it or not, a woman by the name of Jen Reeder recently found a way to do just that. Frustrated by current events and in need of a little time off the grid, Jen packed up her car, kissed her husband and dog good-bye and headed for the town of Kanab, Utah. Why you ask? Because it happens to be the home of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the United States' largest no-kill animal sanctuary.

It was there that Jen spent a week volunteering at the sanctuary, working with everyone from harness-trained cats to bunnies who couldn't get enough of hearing her read "Peter Rabbit" to them. It was what Jen did each night however, that might just be among the most brilliant ideas ever to come forth from woman-kind.

Each and every night, Jen took advantage her time away to go on a different blind dateā€¦ with a dog. No, not the sleazy dude at the bar type, but the actual four-legged, fur-bearing kind. As it turns out, Best Friends has a program where you can take one of their adoptable dogs home for a night and treat them to a nice little doggie sleepover to help them socialize, while giving them a break from shelter life.

As she revealed in an article about the experience on Huffington Post, Jen ended up with one of four different dogs each night, each with his own personality. Some of the little guy's she ended up taking for a night out on the town ranged from Chunk the Pitbull, who turned out to be a huge fan of spooning on the hotel bed, to Tigger the 13-year old Chihuahua who was a total lap lover.


Jen Reeder via HuffPost


Jen Reeder via HuffPost

Jen found no difficulty in entertaining any of the gentlemen, as each came fully equipped with his own ideas about what constituted a fun filled evening. She recounted on HuffPost for instance, the tale of Caffrey- a lab mix of about 100 pounds who "had strong opinions about the best bushes to sniff and would lumber toward plenty of intoxicating aromas. He could be stubborn - why get off the bed when it's so comfortable? - but he'll do anything as soon as he sees a dog treat."


Jen Reeder via HuffPost

She reveals that her last night however was spent in the company of Boone, an adorable 8-year-old lab mix who was more of a squeaky toy man. An affectionate little dude who was always eager to please, but confident enough not to be needy, Jen revealed that it moved her to tears to have to take him back the next day.


Jen Reeder via HuffPost

As Jen's story goes to show, sometimes the best way to help ourselves can be to help others, especially those of the furry variety who have so much love to give. So the next time you find yourself feeling a little low, why not consider heading out to your own animal shelter to check out some of the many animals out there who are just waiting to shower you with unconditional love and probably a wealth of joyful kisses?