Feisty Little Pig Shows Up At Airport And Smile-Shocks Passengers

lilou_sfpig via Instagram

This holiday season, LiLou the Therapy pig is here to turn your stressed out frown upside down!

As many of us who are heading home for the holidays this year can testify firsthand, seasonal traveling can be enough to make anyone a little crazy. Luckily for travelers at the San Francisco International Airport this year, the doctor is in. Though not exactly a therapist of the traditional variety, a two year old therapy pig named LiLou is making the rounds to in order to help weary travelers turn their frowns upside down.

LiLou is the airport’s newest member of an elite team of animals known as the “wag brigade” whose mission is to provide airline passengers with a much needed dose of adorable. Though most members of the brigade are of the canine variety, the team has been joined in the past by a few illustrious cats and rabbits, though LiLou is their very first pig.

The feisty little oinker utilizes various techniques to de-stress travelers during her weekly airport visits, including but not limited to her stylish wardrobe and sleekly painted nails. Not only does she welcome friendly pets, she can also stand on her hind legs, wave with her snout, and serenade admirers on a tiny toy piano.

The little pink lady doesn’t limit spreading the love to her weekly airport visits however, as she also enjoys regular trips to various San Francisco hospitals and senior centers. LiLou’s human mom Tatyana Danilova reported in an SPCA newsletter that LiLou’s visits are always met with enthusiasm. “Most people have never had the opportunity to meet a pig, and literally everyone wanted to interact with her,” Tatyana said of a recent appearance.

Rest assured that even if you don’t happen to be heading through San Fransisco this season you can still keep up with LiLou and her adorable adventures via her Instagram page @lilou_sfpig!