How To Look Good While Boating — Cute Outfits For Women


Check out this list of tips to select the perfect outfit for your next boating adventure!

If you're about to take a trip out on the high seas and are wondering how to look good while boating, then check out these cute outfits for women that are perfect for your next ocean adventure. Here you'll find a list of essentials that include the basics of what to put on your checklist before you board. Not only will you discover how to look good while boating however, you'll find a list of things you'll definitely want to consider when picking out your attire, especially if this is our first time out on a boat.

Whereas men's outfits may be a little more straightforward, cute outfits for women boaters include considerations such as what the weather and wind are going to be like and the number of levels of the boat you'll be on.

Here you'll find a list of cute, nautical women's outfits that balance style and practicality as well as a list of important things you want to be sure not to forget. So without further ado, let's take a look various individual pieces that all go into the art of how to look good while boating.


Not only will you definitely want to bring a lot a swimsuit as part of your boating outfit if you plan to do any swimming or tanning, it's better to go ahead and arrive with it already on. Changing space on boats can be pretty cramped and attempting to change into a one piece in a tiny bathroom while out on the waves can be a challenge not worth taking on.

While bikinis are definitely just as appropriate, especially if you want to do some on deck tanning, but one pieces are nice because you can just throw on a pair of shorts, a skirt, or a kaftan on over them and you've got a make-shift bodysuit.

Skirts And Shorts

When it comes to boating skirts, make sure you're prepared if you chose anything long and billowing, because once you get out on the ocean, billow it will. This can not only be annoying but become a big problem really quickly if you're not already wearing your swimsuit or a pair of shorts underneath! Another consideration you'll want to make is the size of the boat you're going out on. May boats are two levels, so if you're going to spend much time climbing up and down a ladder, you may want to opt for shorts or a romper if you're worried about anyone getting a peak of what you've got on underneath.

As far as material, light colored denim skirts and shorts are always popular choices due to their durability and ease of kicking on and off with a swimsuit. If the weather is right, capri pants work as well. Just make sure you chose a lighter color so you don't end up burning up, especially if you aren't wearing a swimsuit underneath.

Shirts And Tops

When it comes to boating tops, be prepared for the weather, which can always be a little tricky on longer boating excursions. Layers are always a good idea, as the typical weather throughout the day can range from incredibly hot to chilly at night. While your swimsuit can serve as your basic layer, you'll also definitely want to take a shirt, sweater, or jacket to take along for when the wind picks up over the water.

You'll want to avoid anything too dark because of the beaming sun and too tight to be a nuisance when you want to cast it aside and tan in your swimsuit. You can go wrong with lose, lacy tops or dresses, just make sure you don't opt for anything that's likely to fall prey to water damage. Anything striped is always a great choice- it's been a staple of sailing fashion for decades, so why not embrace it and get into the spirit?


Though it may seem like a given, the importance of remembering sunscreen can't be enforced enough! Remember that you are going to spend the day on the ocean, which more or less takes on the effect of a large mirror where sunlight is concerned. So if there's one thing you should never skimp on, it's the SPF!


Along the same lines, nothing can make a boating trip go wrong than forgetting to wear a pair of shades! When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better where boats are concerned because a little bit of sunlight goes a long way when you're out on the water. So important is the piece of your boating outfit that you may even want to take a back-up pair- or two just in case one of your friends forgot to bring suitable eye wear.

Hats And Headbands

Taking along a hat on a boat can be a great way to keep both the sun and the hair out of your face, so don't be afraid to rock a large brim! Make sure to choose a lighter color so as not to attract even more sun, but perhaps more importantly make sure whatever you chose fits really well. The wind can kick up quite forcefully and quickly at times and you don't want to end up running across the deck to try and catch your hat before it blows out to a watery death. If you're not into hats, then headbands are always a great choice too and will go a long way in convincing your hair to behave itself!


When it comes to shoes, leave those heels at home ladies, especially if you're new to boating and don't get have your sea legs! It can get quite wobbly on any boat that's actually moving and there's no need to spend your entire voyage just trying to keep your balance. Check our list of cute boating shoes herefor ideas and remember the most important rule of boating etiquette: Never wear black soled shoes or sandals that are likely to scuff up your host's deck.


If you intend to spend much time out on the ocean, then big bags are definitely your friend. The bigger the better in fact, so that you can take along extra things like towels, books or magazines, and even an extra change of clothes in case you want to change into something dry after swimming.

Remember, no cute boating outfit is complete without a trusty life jacket to throw on if the need should arise!

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