How To Add My Friend's Bitmoji To My Snapchat

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Want to learn how to create a Friendmoji? Come on in and check out how it's done!

If you've heard about the new Bitmoji trend or have recently even created your own, you may be wondering how to add your friend's bitmoji to your Snapchat. This new feature offered by the now Snapchat-owned Bitmoji is called Friendmoji and offers you the ability to create cartoon like stickers featuring both you and your friend's avatars.

When it comes to how to add your friend's bitmoji to your snapchat, the process is actually relatively simple. In order to add your friends bitmoji to your own however, you'll need to make sure that both you and your friend already have Bitmoji linked to your Snapchat accounts.

Here we'll take you through a step by step guide detailing how to both link your Snapchat and Bitmoji accounts and how to add your friend's bitmoji to your Snapchat in order to create a Friendmoji.

Make Sure You And Your Friend Have Bitmoji Linked To Your Snapchat

Before you can create a friendmoji, you've got to make sure that both you and your friend have Bitmoji linked to Snapchat. Just in case one of both of you hasn't already gone through the process, here's a quick how to guide. If both of you already have a Bitmoji, you can just skip to the next step.

  • Open Snapchat from your home screen and make sure that you're logged in.

  • Tap on the ghost icon at the top-left corner of your screen.

  • Top on the option to + Create Bitmoji.

  • Follow the Create Bitmoji option to the App Store where you can download the Bitmoji app. If you've downloaded the app in the past, you'll see the cloud appear instead of the download option, press that instead.

  • After the download is complete, tap "Open" and login to Bitmoji using your Snapchat account.

  • Tap "Create Bitmoji" which will take you through a step by step guide where you can customize your own bitmoji to make it look just like you. At the end, you'll reach a screen that gives you the option to "Connect Bitmoji to Snapchat." Select this option and your Bitmoji account will now be linked to Snapchat, allowing you and fellow Bitmoji using friends to create Friendmojis.

Making And Sending Friendmojis

Once you and your friend both have Bitmojis, creating a Friendmoji is relatively simple. Just follow these steps after opening your Snapchat account.

  • Tap on Chat which will open the Chats Screen.

  • Tap on your friend's name to open a chat with them. (Again, just make sure it's someone who also has Bitmoji linked to their Snapchat)

  • If you want to put the friendmoji over a photo, then go ahead and take a snap via the white circle in the bottom-center of your screen or hold it down to record a video. If you just want to send a friendmoji however, you can skip this step.

  • When you're ready to create the friendmoji, tap on the sticker icon. If you've just created a photo or video, it will look like a look like a square piece of paper with a folded corner. If you're only sending the friendmoji, it will be the smiley face icon.

  • Keep swiping right until you see the Friendmoji screen that will automatically insert you and your friend into various friendmojis.

  • Select the friendmoji you want to add and tap on it. It will show up over your photo or video if you're sending one along with it or in the message box if it's the only thing you're sending.

  • If you're sending it with a photo or video, you can enlarge it using your fingers to zoom in or out.

  • Tap send and it will be sent to your friend!

Now that you've got all the info on how it's done, go forth and Friendmoji!

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