22 Hilarious Truths Only Cat Owners Will Understand

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Behold these sacred truths known to all friends of kitty kind.

Cats... you either love them or you hate them. Whether you're a crazy cat lady or a kitten enthusiast, cats make some of the best pets out there. But they aren't without there... errr... lovable quirks.

Here are 22 hilarious truths only cat owners will understand:

1. There's Not Much They Won't Do For a Lunch Meat

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2. This Is the Thank You Any and All Attempts At Kindness Will Earn You

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3. Privacy Shall Now Be But a Memory of the Distant Past

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4. Just Because You Can't See a Foe Doesn't Mean It Isn't There

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5. Any Attempt At Grooming Should Not Be Undertaken Lightly

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6. Dangerous Foe: No Problem. Vacuum Cleaner: Every Man For Himself

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7. They Need a Bite of It. No Matter What "It" Might Be.

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8. No Thumbs: Not as Big a Problem as You May've Hoped

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9. Tact Does Not Tend To Be High On Their List of Priorities

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10. You Will Be Expected To Keep This Committed To Memory at All Times

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11. You Shall Now Have Help With Every Task. Whether You Want It or Not.

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12. This Is How You'll Know There's a Bug In the House

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13. Each and Every Visitor Shall Be Subjected To Intense Scrutiny

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"Hark! 3am! I Must Run To a Randomly Selected Room As Loudly as Possible!"

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Or There's Always Plan B...

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Super Vision Is Not Something To Be Squandered

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Each Clothing Item You Own Shall Be Expertly Decorated With Furs

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They Appreciate Beauty... From a Distance

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Don't Ask Their Opinion Unless You're Prepared For the Horrible Truth

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They're Not Shy On Calling Out Selfishness

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Objects Left Unattended May Be Subject to Unauthorized Batting

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But at the End of the Day... You'll Never Have a Sweeter Friend

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