Chris Hemsworth Photos That Will Basically Make You Pregnant

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Fan of Thor? Wait til you see what lies beneath that armor...

If you're on the lookout for sexy photos of Chris Hemsworth then rest assured, ladies, the search is over. Here you'll find a collection of shots of the actor that explain why he had no problems nailing his best known role as Thor, god of thunder, in the Marvel moviesthat skyrocketed him to fame. Of course, you may also know him for his roles in other movies such as Rush, Red Dawn, The Cabin The Woods, Vacation, Snow White and the Huntsman, and In the Heart of the sea. Or even as the hunky but not-so-sharp Kevin in the 2016 lady version of Ghostbusters.

Not only will you see a collection of some of hottest Chris Hemsworth photos ever caught on film however, you'll also learn a little bit more about the actor via a collection of Chris Hemsworth fun facts that you'll find below them.

So get ready to find out a little bit more about the talented and ridiculously beautiful actor as you find out more about his personal life, family, and life before he became a household name. But first, as long as these sexy Chris Hemsworth photos exist, we might as well go ahead and take an innocent peek at them, right?

1. Hey, Girl. Wanna Come Back To My Planet And Heck Out My Hammer?

2. That Brooding Stare Tho.

3. Omg Of Thunder

4. Just Laying Here Making Filthy Pants Look Amazing

5. Hey Girl, Let Me Just Stare Dreamily Til You Swoon

6. That Shirt: Keep Pulling

7. Capes: I Make This Shit Look Good

8. Proof That Even Pre-Thor Chris Was Out Of This World

9. A Nap Never Looked So Good.

10. Neither Did A Day At The Beach

11. Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

12. Why Shirtless Chris Is The World's Favorite Chris

13. Hey, Girl. Just Preparing To Do Something Incredibly Manly And Hot.

14. Any Suit Looks Amazing With This Guy Inside

15. 3...2...Swoon

16. Chris Poses Atop The World's Luckiest Motorcycle

Despite not being cast in the role he originally auditioned for, Chris was called back and given another recurring role on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, on which he worked from 2004-2007.

Outside of acting, one of his other passions is surfing. He occasionally even shows off his skills on Instagram.

Before he was Thor, he starred as King Arthur in 2002 on two episodes of the fantasy TV show Guinevere Jones.

He competed on the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars Australia in 2006 with professional dancer Abbey Ross. Click here to check out his moves.

Chris is the middle child and has two brothers, both of whom are also actors. His old brother Luke is best known for his roles as Nathan Tyson on the TV show Neighbours and Ashley Stubbs on the HBO series Westworld. His younger brother Liam is known for his role in the Hunger Games movies and his former romance with Miley Cyrus.

His brother Liam also auditionedfor the role of Thor, but it was ultimately awarded to Chris.

In preparation for his role as Thor, Chris put on 20 pounds of muscle.

Chris was born on a Thursday, which is consequently the day named after Thor.

In 2014, People magazine dubbed him their annual "Sexiest Man Alive."

Sorry ladies, he's married! In 2010, he married Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, known for her roles in Snakes on a Plane and Fast Five. The two share the same representation which is how they first met.

Two years after they were married, the couple welcomed their first child India and added twin boys Tristan and Sasha to the family in 2014.

Back home in Australia, he's known by his childhood nickname "Kip." It was bestowed on him because when he was very young and would try to pronounce his name, it would come out as "Kiptader" instead of Christopher.

As it turns out, the only thing hotter than being built like a Greek god, is perhaps being built like a Norse one...

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