Cats Around America Recreate Trump's Trademark Hair-Do

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Get a load of these kitties who have dipped into their shredded fur collection to recreate Trump's tragic hair style.

As America prepares to usher in newly elected President Donald Trump, cats around the country have been asking the hard questions.

Chief among the inquiries of kitty kind seem to be, “What the hell’s the thing living on that orange guy’s head?” and “Didn’t I hack that up on the rug last night?”

While there are no easy answers to such questions, one thing has become apparent: though there may be no feasible explanation for the hair-do in question, it is indeed an easy style to duplicate.

Here you’ll find a series of cats around the United States who have come together on an Instagram feed known as @TrumpYourCat to show off their best impersonations of America’s new leader.

Some among them appear to be Republicans attempting to follow their party’s newly elected head (horrible pun totally intended) into a bright new future where we will overcomb… er…overcome. Others among them appear to be disgruntled Democrats attempting to mock the reign of terror by a style that they assure you never would’ve happened on Bernie’s watch.

Regardless, they are all here to put a smile on your face and quite possibly inspire you to Trump your cat for the sake of a series of social media photos too priceless for words.

Trump Cat Is Not Amused

"Y You Hatin' Tho, Fox News?"

Bringing A Whole New Meaning to "Orange Is The New Black"

"Ladies, Ladies, One At A Time...."

"La La La La. Trump Cat Can't Heeeear You"

"Hmm, Which Minority Group to Insult Next..."

"So Many Inappropriate Comments, So Little Time..."

"Did Somebody Say Healthcare Reform?"

Trump Cat Does His Impression of All Those Who Dare Oppose Him

"A Toupee'? What Would Make You Think That?"

Trump Cat Plots To Take On Isis.. Right After SNL and Meryl Streep

Trump Cat Becomes the First President To Carry His Own Bunker Atop His Head

Blatant Ferret Cat Demands To See Proof Of Your Allegations!

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me....Got Any Tuna? Tuna Would Be Okay,...."

"I'm Too Sexy For Dis Hair"

"I Shall Outlaw Shredded Cheese In Order To Make America...Grate Again"

"You Call This Shack a White House? I've Got Bigger Sock Closets at Home."

"Mess With Me and There Will Be Hell Toupee"

And Now... Other Animals Find Themselves Powerless To Resist Joining In

LOL. Regardless of your political beliefs, I think we're all grateful for a few laughs this inauguration season. MEOW.

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