Cat Insists On Snuggling Mom's Pregnant Belly But When The Baby Arrives...

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Fur families are for life.

Facebook/Liel Ainmar Assayag

Though cats can sometimes get a bad wrap due to their unrivaled tendency to do what they want, those less experienced in the ways of kitty kind might just be surprised to learn exactly how loving they can be.

Some pet owners even worry about having a cat around when they decide to have kids, but Liel Ainmar Assayag and her cat Panda are here to prove just how unnecessary such anxiety is.

When Liel first adopted Panda, the two became instant best friends as they played, slept, and shared their lives with each other. But when Liel got pregnant she wasn't initially sure how Panda would react.

Facebook/Liel Ainmar Assayag

To her amazement however, over the next few months, Panda became incredibly protective of Liel's growing belly, insisting on giving her new baby Sean tons of cuddles before he was even more.

Two-year-old Panda followed her mom everywhere throughout the pregnancy, carefully guarding her and what she somehow sensed was the new baby to be.

What would happen after Liel actually gave birth, however? Would Panda understand that this was the product of the belly she'd been snuggling all those months? Behold Panda's reply:

Facebook/Liel Ainmar Assayag

Though Liel reveals that Panda was initially a little confused after the appearance of the tiny human, once she leaned in and gave him a good sniff, she realized that little Sean was indeed the baby she'd been guarding all those months.

Liel says that even though Panda is not allowed into Sean's crib, she loves watching over him from a nearby bed which is regularly decorated heavily with her furs.

Facebook/Liel Ainmar Assayag

"Cats and dogs are great companions for kids, and they can learn so much from them," she said in an interview with

"I saw people giving up on their pets once there is a baby in the family, because they're afraid the pet will hurt the baby. I wish people will stop doing that!"

These days Liel and Panda enjoy a better relationship than ever as co-moms to the young Sean. So the next time someone tells you cats can be as loyal as dogs, tell them to get a load of this friendship.

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