Awesome DIY Dollar Store Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

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DIY on a dollar budget!

Ever wish you could add a little class or color to your home without spending half your paycheck at an expensive home decor store? If so then you've come to the right place!

Here we've put together a collection of adorable crafts and DIY projects, all of which you can do on the cheap.

So get ready it get your DIY on with materials that you can pick up without shelling over the cash at your local dollar store.

1. Create a Flower Clock

Just grab a plain clock from the dollar store and a glue gun. Then head over to their flower aisle to find a couple cool faux flowers to spice up the frame.

2. Animal Toy Jewelry Hangers

Let your inner child go wild in the toy aisle and pick out a few of your favorite toys. Then glue them to a wooden board (you can even get heart shaped ones at Michael's for a buck) with either super glue or a glue gun. Once they're dry, paint them your favorite color and hang them using command hooks.

3. Animal Book Holders

Here's another cool take on plastic toys from the kid's section. Select some of your favorites and glue them on top of two pieces of wood (tiles would also work as well). Then paint them your favorite color and enjoy.

4. Garden Gem Bead Necklaces

Pick up a bag of gardening gems and some wire. then wrap your favorite stone using the wire wrapping directions here!

5. Classy Glass Chip and Dip Bowl

Head to the dishware section and grab yourself a margarita glass, put it in a bowl and knock yourself out!

6. Wine Bottle Flower Vase

Grab an cute doily and replace an old wine bottle's label with it. Then throw in a faux flower and you've got a nice little arrangement to brighten up your place.

7. DIY Pastry Tower

Grab a few different sized plates and two candle holders. Glue them all together in tiers, paint them your favorite color, and you've got a cool pastry presentation trey.

8. Stone Bath Mat

Get a cheap plastic welcome mat, some heavy duty glue, and some smooth stones from the gardening section. Then glue on the stones to enjoy your own spa style bath mat.

9. Faux Wall Iron

Believe it or not, this is actually a decorative plastic mat. Just spray paint it white, sand it down, and you'll be amazed at how wall-worthy it looks.

10. Elevated Soap Holder

This is another cool take on a candlestick. Grab one you like and paint it your favorite color. Once it's dry, glue a plate on top of it and you can use it for everything from hand soap to candles.

11. Teacup Bird Feeder

Get a tea cup set from the dishware section and use some heavy duty glue to attach them to each other like so. Hang them from some twine and put in a little bird food for your outdoor feathered friends to enjoy.

12. Elevated Picture Frames

Candlesticks strike again! Just spray paint them black and glue some pictures frames on top of them for a touch of affordable class!

13. Lap Desks

The bottom of these are just pillowcases filled with either beans or rice. Sew, tie, or glue the top shut and then super glue some treys to the top.

14. Pearl Chandelier

Get a hanging basket and hot glue on some strands of beads when they are on sale for mardi gras.

15. Flower Push Pins

Head over to the faux flower section and pick out some pretty plants. Once you get them home just cut off the tops and glue them onto some push pins.

16. DIY Rope Basket

Grab yourself a cheap basket (or waste bin) and some rope in whatever colors you'd like. Glue the end of the rope to the bottom of the basket and then wind it around for a chic looking rope basket you can display with pride.

17. DIY Display Plates

All you need for this one are as many plates as you'd like to display and a permanent marker. Take the p[ates home and use stencils to draw on your own designs. Then hang them on the wall with command tape and enjoy!

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