9 Honest Truths All Flaky People Wish You Knew

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It ain't easy bein' flaky.

We all know them. Those people who are all about the plans you've made until something insane suddenly comes up at the very last minute.

While there's nothing worse than a consistently flaky person, we're all even guilty of it from time to time. Here we shall decide into the flaky mind to see what's actually going on beneath that non-committal veneer.

1. It's a Horrible Habit and They Know It


Regardless of how many times they do it, there are few people out there who actually believe that there's anything flattering about being a flake.

It's one of those habits that everyone's ashamed of, but some of us are just more on top of tackling than others.

2. When They RSVP They Do Actually Intend To Come


Most flaky people actually are into the plans they've made with you and genuinely don't mean to hurt you by breaking them.

Why do they do it then? Proceed, as we take look at some of the more common reasons.

3. Some People Flake Because They're Over-Enthusiastic About Making Plans


Some flakes tend to employ a sense of optimism over logic when it comes to trying to fit everything in.

While the plans you've just suggested sound awesome, they may be awesome enough to make them forget they've already made other commitments.

4. Others Flake Because They've Had a Really Rough Day


Sometimes people flake at the last minute because their life that day just got a little too overwhelming and they need time alone to decompress.

If it's any consolation, they're probably flaking because they feel like they'd be horrible company anyway.

5. Or Because They're Slammed at Work


Other flakes may be going through a really demanding time at work and have sincerely been caught off guard by last minute obligations.

It's not you, it's the boss.

6. It Really Does Make Them Feel Guilty


Few people breaking plans with someone, as it generally comes with a healthy dose of guilt.

In fact, it may be this guilt that keeps them from telling you until the last minute until they're really sure they can't come.

7. They May Make Really Crappy Excuses Because They're Not Sure How to Explain


Ever have someone flake on you because of a really ridiculous reason? The odds are the reason really is the total crap you suspect it is.

This may be due to the fact that while the flake in question's real excuse makes total sense to them, they're not sure how to explain it to you in a way they think you'll understand.

The truth may be something as simple as the fact that they're super tired or really need some time alone to do nothing.

8. They Honestly Believe Each Time Will Be the Last


When they offer to make it up to you and promise not to do it again, most flakes really do believe their promises to reform.

It's not until one they realize they've overbooked or had something else comes up that they realize the whole cycle is about to repeat itself.

9. They Really Do Wanna Hang Out With You...Just Not Right Now


There's always that twinge of fear that comes with flaking out that this time will be the straw that breaks the friendship's back.

Flaky people really do hope you'll give them a second...or fifteenth chance.

While it's awesome to try and be understanding, there may come a point where you want to set some boundaries or invite them to initiate plans the next time.

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