9 Feminist Moments From "Friends" That Are Still Totally Relevant Today

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Number 3 is too good.

Though Friends was undoubtedly one of the funniest shows in the history of television, it also had some awesome moments that confronted everything from stereotypes to gender roles.

Not only did it feature three strong, independent women, it showed that they were just as competitive, sexual, and strong as the boys.

Here we take a look at some of the most feminist moments in Friends history that helped redefine the way the world sees women.

1. Rachel Flees the Alter


The show actually begins on an awesomely feminist note, when Rachel decides to no longer be the "shoe" everyone expects her to be and leaves her husband-to-be at the alter.

After fleeing to New York to pursue her own life, she promptly cuts up all her dad's credit cards, insisting that she's gonna become an independent woman who can take care of herself. Get it, girl!

2. The Girls Cleanse Themselves From Relationships Past


One Valentine's day Phoebe decides to lead the girls through the most girl powered...though slightly flammable, night ever.

After placing mementos of their exes in a trash bin, they set them ablaze, cleansing themselves from the past emotional ties that were holding them back from being the awesome women they were

3. Monica and Rachel Fight Over the Last Condom


The show had an awesome way throughout of making no secret of the fact that women enjoy sex just as much as men.

In one episode, Rachel and Monica even have to rock, paper, scissor it out for the last condom to see who gets to enjoy a romp between the sheets that night.

4. Monica's Go-Getter, Competitive Attitude


Among the awesome examples of strong women on TV, Monica Geller shall always be among the greats.

The only reason she spent so much time in the kitchen was because she was an ambitious chef, who continually pushed the boundaries in a male dominated field.

Not only did she first get down on one knee to propose to Chandler (who eventually joined her on his own knee), she constantly maintained an competitive approach and strove to be the best at anything she did, even football.

5. The Show Features Prominent Lesbian Characters


Though Ross has a little trouble accepting that Carol was a lesbian at first, it was more due to the fact that she had been his wife at one point.

Eventually however, he becomes a supporting part of she and her wife's relationship and even walks Carol down the aisle at her wedding.

The couple continued to be featured in the series and were portrayed as the great, loving parents they were.

6. Phoebe Helps Rachel Realizes Ross Is Stealing Her Wind


After Phoebe gives her a "Goddess Quiz," Rachel begins to reflect on one of the questions that asks "Have you ever allowed a lightning-bearer to take your wind?"

She decides that perhaps Ross does occasionally steal her thunder...er...wind, and confronts him, demanding that they both have equal footing in the relationship.

7. Rachel Defends Her Burning Loins


After Joey discovers that Rachel's been enjoying a little dirty reading, she insists that "There's nothing wrong with a woman enjoying a little erotica. It's just a healthy expression of female sexuality." Right on, Rach!

After all, if guys can proudly enjoy porn, what's wrong with a gal indulging in a story of a passion, even if it is between a chick named Zelda and a chimney sweep?

8. Ben Gets His Barbie On


In one episode, Ross has to confront gender roles when he's horrified to discover that his son Ben really loves playing with a Barbie.

Eventually however, he comes to see that there's nothing wrong with kids playing with whatever they want no matter what traditional gender stereotypes may say to the contrary.

9. Rachel Decides to Be a Single Mom


Upon finding out she was accidentally impregnated by Ross, marriage was none the less the last thought on Rachel's mind.

In fact, she turned down marriage proposals from both Ross and Joey and insisted that you don't have to be married to be an amazing mother or considered a whole person.

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