4-year-old is believed dead, 11 days later, they discover a dog...


No matter how old, strong, or outdoorsy you may be, rest assured that the Siberian forest is no place you want to end up lost alone. Unfortunately, 4-year-old Karina Chikitova wondered away from home one day and found herself lost in the forest without food or shelter for 11 days.

Considering that the Siberian forest is packed with innumerable wild animals, the fact that the little girl managed to survive was a miracle in itself- one that was made possible by her loyal dog Kyrachaan.

After her panicked parents realized their daughter had disappeared, rescuers combed the forest for over a week in search of the missing child. Considering the many bears and wolves that called the forest home, as well as the dropping temperatures, many members were beginning to fear the worst.

That's when suddenly Kyrachaan came to the rescue, showing up out of nowhere in an attempt to point the rescuers in the girl's direction. It wasn't until they were over 4 miles away from the village that the rescuers finally found there weak and terrified Karina in a bed of tall grass.

As it turned out, her loyal dog had kept her warm at night, fending off predators, and helping the girl survive on berries and water.

As the rescue team approached, Karina sought out Kyrachaan and asked "Why did you leave me?"

Doubtless, as she grows, she will come to understand that her furry hero had to leave momentarily in order to make sure his best friend found her way back home.

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