24 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Your Quarter-Life Crisis

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You get excited to pay your bills with your birthday money...

Ahh, the quarter life crisis. If you've hit your mid twenties, chances are you've freaked out multiple times over the last year.

Not enough confusion, stress, or constant marriage and baby pictures in your Facebook feed? Sounds like a job for a quarter life crisis!

Here are the 24 hilarious tweets that perfectly what having a quarter life crisis feels like:

1. Happy 25th, Cupcake!

2. Not Every Moment Can Be a Winner

3. Lookin' On the Bright Side: Nailin' It

4. When Your Personalized Facebook Ads are All Wedding Rings and Rehabs

5. Wait....Who Says?

6. When the Department of Energy Looks More Forward To Your Birthday Than You Do

7. It's the Little Things

8. That Horrible Moment When Maturity Starts Rearing It's Ugly Head

9. ...Just Think Of All the Calories You Burned Stapling Those Resumes Tho

10. When Your Body Starts Taking Alcohol Consumption Way Too Personally

11. Ah, the Good Old Days

12. Indeed, Adorably Pooped Pug. Indeed.

13. Some Days You Just Gotta Smile and Pray You Hit the Right Button

14. When You Finally Remember To Resist the Involuntary "Ohhh Shit" Face Upon Hearing the News

15. Where the Self Feeder At Tho?

16. When Your Instagram Becomes a Bizarre Collage of Alcohol and Babies

17. When Life Gives You Lemons...Find Someone It Gave Vodka and Make Cocktails

18. This Tho

19. Behold the Most Masterful Answer Ever

20. The Circle of Life

21. Most Likely Not To Show Up To the Reunion

22. Adulthood: The Pop Quiz You Never Saw Coming

23. That Horrible Moment You Realize Disney Endings are a Series of Cruel Lies

24. It's All Fun and Games Until the Visa Bill Arrives

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