22 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis


Don't brave the curvy corners of a quarter life crisis alone.

If you're a millennial who is broke, jobless, or just hitting a dead end, you're not alone.

Come on in for a little strength, inspiration, and encouragement to get you through your quarter-life crisis:

1. Cherish the People Who Are Your Kind of Crazy

2. Never Underestimate a Killer Plan H

3. If You Haven't Failed at Something, You're Probably Not Doing Anything

4. Never Mistake Existing With Living

5. Leave Fear In the Past. It's a Bitch of a Backseat Driver.

6. Huge Changes Are Often Just a Collection of Thousands of Tiny Ones

7. Often We Get So Caught Up In Our Comfort Zones, We Don't Realize That Sometimes That's Where the Danger Lies

8. Forget Failing: Fear Not Moving

9. Look At Discomfort As a Reminder You're Alive

10. Life Rarely Says "Yes" Until We Do First

11. Today's Failures Are Tomorrow's Lessons

12. There's No Failure Scarier Than The Fear of Failure

13. Don't Wonder Who You Are; Decide Who You Are

14. Sometimes All You Have To Do To See the Beauty Is Remember To Look For It

15. No Seriously, Just Do It

16. For Better Or Worse an Annoying Amount of Happiness Really Is All About Persepctive

17. The Quickest Way To Get Rid of Stress Is To Ask It To Justify Itself

18. Being Single May Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Your Future Relationship

19. You'll Be Surprised To Find Out How Often Your Mind Is the Last To Find Out You Already Know

20. Take the Next Step. Those Little Guys Add Up.

21. Never Forget To Play

22. Remember What You Want, Not What You Think You're Supposed To

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