22 Hysterical Texts From Men Who Are Nailing The Art Of Romance

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Get a load of this hysterical collection of texts from men who may or may not be failing epically at the art of romance.

1. ....That Escalated All Too Quickly

2. Sometimes It's Better To Stop While You're Ahead

3. Nailed It.

4. At Least He's Got Her Back Tho

5. This Smooth Talker

6. Technology Claims Another Victim

7. Way To Paint Her a Picture, Slugger

8. Well, At Least He's Ambitious

9. Confidence: You're Doing It Wrong

10. This Smooth Talking Poet

11. Beautifully Attempted Tho

12. This Guy Who Learned the Importance Of Not Overthinking the Hard Way

13. A Guy's Gotta Eat

14. Ask and You Shall Receive

15. Raaaaarr!

16. When He's Just Not Picking Up What You're Puttin' Down

17. Someone Restrain This Man!

18. Behold: The Worst Typo Disaster of All Time

19. This Poetic Metaphor Gone Horribly Wrong

20. The World's Most Realistic Sexter

21. When You're Tryna Be Hot But Your Man's Got ADHD

22. What Do You Bet She Takes the Book Deal?

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