17 Signs Drunk-You Has Taken Over On Girls Night Out

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GNO: 1. You: 0.

Ahhh, the infamous Girls Night Out.

It's happened to all of us. One minute you're sipping a cocktail and the next drunk-you has taken over.

Behold these signs that she's arrived:

1. Insisting "I'ma Just Have One More" Like:

2. You Utter the Fatal Words "Hold My Drink and Watch This..."

3. You Become the World's Biggest Fan of Your Own Dance Moves

4. All Your Problems Become the Fault of the Nearest Smash-able Object

5. When You're Tryna' Uber Home Like:

6. The Brilliance Of You Becomes Too Priceless Not To Share

7. You're Two Packs In Before You Remember You Don't Smoke

8. When You Catch a Fateful Glimpse In the Bar Mirror of What You've Become

9. When You Get Really Still But Nothing Around You'll Quit Moving

10. That Lucid Moment Mid-Make Out With the Guy From the Next Bar Stool

11. When Your D.D. Tells You It's Time To Head Home

12. The "I Love You!" Stage In Which Everyone Is Your Best Friend Ever

13. The Reunion Stage When Taking Back Your Ex Appears the Best Idea Ever

14. When Heaven Sounds Like the Fetal Position and the Nearest Cool Surface

15. When You're Minding Your Business and the Ground Jumps Up and Attacks

16. When You Suddenly Have Hidden Talents That Demand To Be Shared

17. When Mind Over Matter Fails To Cut It

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