16 Hysterical Parenting Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Cry With Laughter

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"it's like the only thing my kids learned from Snow White is that fruit is horribly poisonous"

1. When Daddy's Off His A-Game

2. The Devil's In The Details

3. You Learn Something New Every Day

4. Subtlety: Nailin' It

5. Never Underestimate the Power of the Path of Least Resistance

6. Epic Silver Lining Win

7. Cause It's Not Lying If They Never Ask...

8. When Your Kid Goes a Little To Extracurricular on the Vocab Words

9. When You Find an Opportunity To Teach Them the Value of a Dollar

10. Why Parents Make the Best Opera Singers

11. When You Immediately Slip Into Stealth Mode at the Sight of a Snickers

12. Selective Learning Strikes Again

13. Those Moments When It's Best To Just Nod and Smile

14. When What's Been Said Can Never Be Unsaid

15. No Need to Get Crazy

16. When the Chance to Live la Vida Loca Presents Itself Yet Again